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Mumbai Indians Cricketer 

Gets his Million Dollar arm tattooed by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai

Mid-Day Curated Aliens Tattoo to be the most Creative / Best Tattoo Studio in India

We create designs which are an instant hit! 

Even our minimalist tattoos look absolutely refreshing, just like a blooming flower. When it comes to photorealism or hyperrealism our customers swear that their tattoos literally talk to them. So, what makes these tattoos life like? The answer is perfect shading and impeccable, razor sharp outlines.


Looking for custom design? We are one of the most sought after studios for bespoke creations. Call us, fix up a free consultation session, share your ideas. We promise to create one of a kind tattoo that will be a lifelong inspiration. Check out our portfolio.

Huge collection of Custom Tattoo Designs tailor-made for every client

Our team consist of fine-artists, digital painters and concept visualisers who expertise in turning any thought or story into a beautiful piece of art. We are globally known for creating breath-taking tattoos based on Hindu Mythology and realistic tattoos.

Our tattoos portfolio is a collection of tattoo designs for men, small tattoo designs, couple tattoo designs, Lord Shiva tattoo design, 3d tattoo designs, tattoo designs for girls, and lot more.


Breath-taking Lord Shiva / Mahakal Tattoos

Aliens clients are not just happy, they are overwhelmed, prodigiously delighted by the experience

South African Brothers travelled 1000s of miles just to get this tattoo from us!


Getting a tattoo from Aliens is an experience

It's not just about getting a tattoo, it's about creating a beautiful memory, an experience to cherish a lifetime. This is what we do at Aliens Tattoo.


Customer travel from all over the world to get a tattoo from us. Each client is special and unique for us and so is the design made for them. Aliens tattoo team consist of super-talented award-winning tattoo artists specialising in various genres of tattoo art, allowing us to expertise in all styles of tattoos.


The studio ambience and interior is state-of-the-art, a mix of modern and industrial design with an amazing in-house DJ for happening music. The hospitality is admirable, food and beverages served are mouth-watering. All of it makes your experience prodigiously entertaining.


Talk to us about your next tattoo, we do Free Tattoo Consultation

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130, 17th H Main Rd, KHB Colony, M.I.G, 5th Block, Koramangala,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Please feel free to reach us at the following details

+91 9538941111  |  +91 9833065290

bangalore@alienstattoos.com | ink@alienstattoos.com


Hour of Operations

Monday :            12:30 - 22:00

Tuesday :            12:30 - 22:00

Wednesday :      12:30 - 22:00

Thursday :          12:30 - 22:00

Friday :                12:30 - 22:00

Saturday :           12:30 - 22:00

Sunday :              12:30 - 22:00