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Namaskar Pune!

The Solution to your Tattoo Dilemma is here...

Aliens Tattoo in Pune brings the quality and skills that the city has been craving for with regards to getting inked! We strive to deliver the best-in-class services with our artistic outlook and unique designs! The Queen of Deccan has a new King in town!


Getting a tattoo has never been this easy

Do you find the process of getting a tattoo daunting? Choosing a right tattoo studio in Pune or the right tattoo artist for that matter can be complicated, finding a great tattoo design at the best price could be a tedious affair. Let us make this process easier for you!

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Customized Tattoo exclusively for you

Everyone has a unique story to share through their tattoos. At Aliens, we care about your values, beliefs, ideas and want to turn it into a beautiful piece of art which is tailor made as per your body. Get customized suggestions from our super-talented team of artists and designers who will suggest the right size and placement of the tattoo on your body. Each tattoo is ideated in such a way that it extends the beauty of your body and soul.

The struggle to look for your best tattoo artist ends now

Looking for the right tattoo artist can be a real hassle. It's not easy to trust a complete stranger over something that's going to last for a lifetime. This is where the artists at Aliens come to the picture as they cater a diverse tattoo art portfolio. This is what makes them the most trusted tattoo artists in India​.

A brand that will always be by your side

Not only are we here to stay, we want to uplift the standard of tattoos as well as tattoo artists in Pune. Aliens Tattoo Studio in Pune strives to deliver the best-in-class services with our artistic outlook and unique designs! For us, it's not just about making exceptional tattoos, it's about creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. This is what makes the experience at Aliens so special.

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Tattoo Artists in Pune

Now, through our exceptional grooming system, we have brought to you the best in the business at our Pune Tattoo Studio. Next time you think of the best tattoo artist in Pune, ours will be the first that comes to mind!

Bhavesh Kalma.jpg
Bhavesh Kalma

Like many other engineers before him, Bhavesh quickly realised that IT is not the job for him. Originally from Gujarat, he tried his hand making tattoos for his friends using a friend’s tattoo machine during college. 

Omkar Pawar_Photo Edit (1).jpg
Omkar Pawar

An ever-smiling persona such as Omkar’s is hard not to notice when you walk into our studio. Omkar was always interested in sketching and painting since his schooling days. He came across the tattoo industry through social media and television shows like LA Ink. 

Abhishek Panchal.jpg
Abhishek Panchal

Abhishek Panchal was born with a golden brush. He has been a natural in art and drawing since his childhood. He began his career as a self-taught artist in 2015 after getting inspired by watching his friend learn the art of tattoo making. 

Rajesh Natekar.jpg
Rajesh Natekar

Rajesh had a very troubled childhood and it felt like nothing was working out for him. He went through a crisis and that incident made him realise he was in the wrong field and had to make drastic changes in life

Your favourite Celebrities Love Aliens and have trusted us unconditionally

Many of the biggest name in sports and cinema have put their faith in us when it comes to getting inked. Aliens Tattoo is now a household name for celebrities like Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Roshni Chopra and many more of your favorite celebs.​