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Shivangi Moulik

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

In terms of tattooing I learnt different drawing techniques, tattooing in general and also I've learnt not to give up before the final output. Specialization in Line art n Neo traditional. Achievements would be that I got certified as a tattoo artist by aliens. To me tattoos are art you carry to your grave. Tattoos can change perspectives on a whole new level. It's an amazing art form to exist. Tattoos can change lives. As an artist I aspire to be exceptionally good at my craft. Make a name for myself. To be known by my art.

More About Shivangi

Studied Humanities in school. Then worked for Bose Audios for a year then an AV company for 1n half years. When I was in 12th standard I got to know about tattoos because my dad's friend's son opened a studio in Kolkata after returning from germany. Aliens has been a major help. Mostly because of its organizational structure. I mean it's the only proper 'school' that teaches you tattooing in the correct way. Not like elsewhere where you have to clean studio stations or washrooms in the name of tattoo training. Nobody in this industry shares the knowledge they have with other people. So aliens are a big deal. It gives you a platform to express yourself as an artist. 

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