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Aman Jaiswal

Portraits • Designing

Aman Jaiswal is a passionate and talented tattoo artist who has been on a journey to master the art of tattooing. His love for tattoos started at a young age, and he always knew that he wanted to pursue it as a career. After freelancing for a year, Aman realized that he was not completely satisfied with his work and wanted to learn more. 

More About Aman Jaiswal

Throughout his time at Aliens Tattoo School, Aman honed his skills and developed a deep passion for line art tattoos and black & grey realism tattoos. He also discovered his interest in animal texture tattoos, which he hopes to become an expert in someday. Aman spent countless hours studying and practicing different techniques, and his hard work paid off when he started receiving recognition for his beautiful and intricate designs. Today, Aman is a full-time tattoo artist who has built a loyal following of clients who appreciate his unique style and attention to detail. He takes pride in his work and ensures that every design he creates is a reflection of his client's personality and vision. Aman is constantly learning and pushing himself to become better, and he hopes to leave a lasting impression in the tattoo industry. Apart from being a skilled tattoo artist, Aman is also a passionate YouTuber who shares his knowledge and experience with others. He has a channel dedicated to tattoos, where he creates engaging content that showcases his talent and offers helpful tips to aspiring tattoo artists. Aman's ultimate goal is to achieve millions of subscribers on his channel and become a leading authority in the world of tattoos. In conclusion, Aman Jaiswal is a dedicated and talented tattoo artist who has come a long way on his journey to success. With his passion for the craft and determination to excel, he is sure to leave a lasting impact on the tattoo industry and inspire many others to follow in his footsteps.

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