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Grishita Suthar

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Grishita Suthar is a talented artist who has always had a passion for art and sketching. She decided to pursue her interest in the art field by studying BMM. With the help of her mentors, who provided her with in-depth knowledge and hands-on guidance, Grishita was able to gain a better understanding of the art world and explore her creativity.

More About Grishita

During her studies, Grishita discovered her interest in tattooing and decided to pursue this as a career. Through an internship program, she was able to enhance her skills and gain experience in the hygienic method of tattooing. Grishita's talent and dedication quickly became evident, and she developed a strong reputation for her work. Grishita has a particular interest in different styles of tattooing, including line art, neo traditional, and realism. She believes that each style presents unique challenges and opportunities for artistic expression, and she is committed to expanding her knowledge and skill in each of them. To continue learning and improving her skills, Grishita attends workshops and classes, studies the work of other artists, practices regularly, seeks feedback from clients and other artists, and attends tattoo conventions and expos to network and learn about new techniques and technologies in the industry. Through her passion, dedication, and hard work, Grishita has become a respected artist in the tattoo industry. She is committed to providing her clients with high-quality tattoos that reflect their unique personality and style.

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