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Sneha Patel

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

A self taught sketch and charcoal artist which started in school.
Fashion Designer by education working in Merchandising for almost 3 years. But quit the career to pursue tattooing and sketching as a career choice.

More About Sneha Patel

As a teenager, tattooing appealed to me as art so I tried to find a mentor to get me started with basics, which helped me support my Fashion designing studies. So far, the journey has only and only bettered me by each passing day; improving my skills of observation as well as execution. The gradual learning curve that started way back in 2011 picked up sharply with Aliens team in just one year! Tattooing is personal art; an expression of oneself in the ever changing world. I want to help as many people as i can with this expression with high quality and safe tattooing experience. Also to create and cater the best possible designs to express the client need.

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