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Vishal Maurya

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Vishal has had a thing for art since his school days and he aspired to become an Interior Designer. However, financial difficulties ended his hopes of ever pursuing that dream and thus he chose Tattoo Making as an alternative career option. 

More About Vishal Maurya

Vishal has always been a hardworking guy and the fact that he juggled college and tattoo making for three years is a testament that. He knew that he always wanted to work with the best in the business and there was no one better than Sunny Bhanushali himself. Unfortunately, his work was not polished enough for him to land a job with Aliens at first, but he did not give up. He trained for a while at a different studio before trying again with Aliens and this time he was selected. Vishal is now a full-time tattoo maker with Aliens and has honed his skills in Calligraphy, Geometrical/Abstract and Realism Tattoos

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