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5 Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas that will make him/her feel Special 

Author | Sunny Bhanushali | Aliens Tattoo



Every wedding anniversary is special, perhaps, why everyone wants to make each one of those memories. As the years pass by, you get busy in making a living in today’s rush, you struggle with time and before you even realize, the big day sneaks up on you and you have nothing on your mind but to go out for dinner, and that’s boring! It sucks!


You got to just be little aware of your wedding anniversary date, maybe, add a reminder on your phone or calendar which alerts you at least a month prior to make good arrangements. There are tons of people who forget this big day because of stress and workload, especially men :)


Nothing more than a well-thought surprise gift can make this ‘Day to Remember’, and, you got to be really creative with this stuff. It’s not always about expensive gifts, it’s about uncommon stuff, something which is beautiful and unexpected, something which involves your time and effort.


1. Print on Canvas


Photos are memories, moments captures in time. There is an always special photograph in the collection which carries lot of emotions and beautiful memory.

Find that best photograph of you both, or find your partners best one, take a high-res image to any graphic designer and ask him to convert is into digital painting. Add a beautiful quote (avoid writing name and I love you) or some meaningful write-up. Get it digitally printed on good quality canvas, large size, like half of the wall size, or at least 6ft X 4ft. Get it framed (I prefer a hidden frame, borderless, no glass) and hang it in your bedroom. 

2. Get A Couple Tattoo


This activity/idea is crazy, trust me; this works like magic; your partner knows how much pain and time one has to go through to get a tattoo. A surprise tattoo of her/his portrait or getting a small design based on name or your initials could be the best gift one can think of. You can visit to see how creatively people have expressed love through tattoos.


You can also get a couple-tattoo together, people have experienced a significant improvement in the relationship after getting a couple-tattoo together. Some have expressed that, something triggered within them while getting it done which brought them closer and together. For tons of people, the day when they got their tattoo together has become the most precious Day to Remember

3. Book an Adventure


This is madness, and perhaps, this can be the most liberating, mind-boggling experience for both of you. I am not talking about low-low adventure and cooking’ class, I am talking about real stuff like Bungee Jumping, Sky-diving or exotic Scuba Diving.


This might seem scary first, but nothing comes close to after-activity experience, the ecstasy of joy and that calms rush of adrenaline, experiencing together for the first time, it's fantastic.

4. Go to Live Music Concert

Evening at a live concert is one hell of an experience; most people don’t do it in their entire lifetime. This is different, unusual and liberating in an exciting way. Music heals you, awakens you, it’s a stress buster, concerts bring people together, lose the individuality and become one with all kind of feeling, and the most important part is that you dance, you experience more freedom than ever.


Having this experience with your loved one is a big thing, do it.


5. Small Gifts Every 2-3 Hours

I personally suggest you surprise her/him with gifts as many as years spent together. This is the fun part, your gift does not have to be very expensive, however, needs to be well thought and creative. Coming up with so many small gifts is a hell lot of work and consumes time, but it's beyond one could ever imagine.

This one is my favourite one as I can include one of the above ones with multiple small gifts.

I hope this post was helpful, there are other tons of things you can do for your wedding anniversary, however I find the above options little more creative and uncommon. Share it if you liked this post, spread the love.

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