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Get Pierced at Aliens

Piercing is one of the most appealing body modification ways. Getting Pierced, as exciting as it sounds comes with an absolute need of professional piercer and a hygienic  ambience. At Aliens Tattoo, we deliver both, a beautiful piercing under hygienic set up and proper guidance on how to keep your piercing intact by avoiding any infections or boils around it. Be rest assured, you are in great hands!!

Ear Piercing At Aliens Tattoo

Piercing After-care Guidelines

  • Wash your piercing twice a day with mild soap foam

  • Clean your piercing with surgical spirit to save ur piercing from bacterial infection

  • Do not touch or move your piercing frequently

  • You can only touch your piercing while cleaning

  • Try to avoid sleeping on piercing side

  • Don't change the stud until or unless it's healed

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