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Small Tattoos 
Everything you need to know

The tattoo trend over the last few years has seen an upsurge in small tattoos. Small tattoos are also popular because they are simple to hide if you desire (for example, on the hips, collarbones, and behind the ears). They're also less pricey and make for excellent first tattoos if you're intimidated by the process. You should, nevertheless, remember that it's equally important to like them as larger tattoos as they’re permanent too. While all tattoos require thorough research to avoid dangerous mistakes, small tattoos are also very delicate, and you must find an artist who is experienced with inking these body parts. If you want something small, intricate tattoos such as cherry blossoms, vines, or flowers make for excellent options. Moreover, you can also look for small meaningful tattoos such as a single word, a meaningful quote, or even your zodiac sign.

Small Tattoos
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