3D / Hyper-realistic Tattoos

Realistic Tattoos also known as 3D Tattoos are quite in trend and will stay in trend for decades. You can know a realistic tattoo is best executed when your final tattoo once done looks better than the image (reference) of your tattoo concept. We specialize in making the tattoos look incredibly real.


More About 3D Tattoos

3D tattoos:For people who prefer depth and intensity in their tattoo designs, 3D is the best option to go ahead with, since it features a realistic design with a lot of intricate details. These tattoos are famous for how close to an actual photograph they seem and are usually seen as portraits or landscapes. If you're looking to get a realistic tattoo, it's important that you look through the artist's previous works and decide whether they're good at it, because a lot of artists practice it but most fail! Here's some of ours for you to see!

Some of the most inked realistic concepts are Human portrait tattoos, Animal tattoo portraits, Lord Shiva Tattoos, Kali Tattoos, Religious Tattoos, Traveler's Compass, Mother Nature Tattoos etc.

Check out some mesmerising realistic tattoos done by our experienced and super talented artists.

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