Best Watercolour Tattoo Ideas

Ever fell for a beautiful mess? If no, you are about to!! Here's our take on Watercolor Tattoos, a trend that's taking over the rage in this tattoo era. These tattoos look super chic and create a dreamy effect to the overall tattoo concept.


More About Watercolour Tattoos

These tattoos don't necessarily have to be surrounded with outlines, the colours in the tattoo can either be free-flowing or enclosed in a shape complimenting it. You may be accustomed to seeing the usual traditional tattoo designs and are not sure on how to get started with watercolour tattoos and probably need inspiration for the same. 

These tattoos are perfectly beautiful in their imperfect form and would surely bring you a galore of attention. Explore a few tattoo ideas which we have compiled and done by some great tattoo artists around the world. Tap on the photo to know about the amazing artists behind these works of art and feel free to contact us to share your ideas.

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