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The one and only Hardik Pandya gets inked from Best Tattoo Studio In India. 


Aliens Tattoo

Although our crew at Aliens Tattoo is not new to unusual incidents and experiences, this time, it was different. In general, our work provides us these kinds of twisty, exciting and uncommon happenings at regular intervals. But this time, an incident occurred which offered a rare emotional blend of thrill and fear.


​Not dramatising.. 😛


So, what is this fuss all about you may wonder? Read the rest of the blog to know about it. A week earlier, Ishan Kishan, the IPL hard hitting batsman was chatting with Hardik Pandya while getting a full sleeve tattoo at our Malad Studio. During his tête-à-tête Hardik Pandya showed interest in getting tattooed himself, and promised to stop by for consultation and if things worked out get the same done. After Ishan’s exit, the entire conversation was forgotten till one day got a text message from the fiery all rounder. After the pleasantries ended Hardik fixed a date.

It was a great moment for all of us because the folks at Aliens tattoo are really crazy about him. But then who isn’t in India where cricket is simply thedefault religion. The same rule applied to us. We were no different. It was also our religion, my religion. Nonetheless, we had to play dual role to celebrate our love for cricket and make sure Hardik got what he was looking for. So, everything was planned to perfection. Or was it ?


22 nd July 2019 – 1:00 PM

Hardik’s car glided to a graceful stop just outside our studio. After quick handshakes and some selfies Hardik eased on the chair. However, before he could plank his requirement a commotion outside the studio brought the conversation to an abrupt halt. Assorted chants and vociferous calls echoed and seeped in with dramatic effect. They were the voices of Hardik fans. Hardik! Hardik!!
Their closeness to the studio turned me apprehensive. There was no way we could handle the over enthusiastic fans as their numbers kept increasing. And I was right. Within an hour the number swelled to more than 200. It was a situation which demanded some smart thinking.

I realized there was only one way to get the crowd dispersed. Request Hardik to appear before them, and maybe offer an acknowledgement. Hardik said it was a wise decision and happily agreed to mellow down the crowd’s fervor. The trick worked but not before he obliged to tens of selfies and several group photos. 23 nd July 2019 – 10:00 PM
So, is that the end of the story? Oh no! There is more drama to it. Next day, after a long, patient session the tattooing was completed. Our guest celebrity showed signs of fatigue. It was a hint, and I quickly interpreted this subtle signal. It was time to bid good bye.



Once again the situation outside went for a toss. A new set of people enveloped Aliens Tattoo studio. Hardik’s presence had somehow spread and now reached a point which turned us wary. Actually, fear would be an apt word. There were people everywhere, even on the walls and on the road. The situation appeared palpable. There was no way I could request Hardik to reiterate his earlier performance – of pacifying the crowd. He looked too tired and in discomfort.In fact, he wanted to get going. Aliens Tattoo staff once again rushed outside, calmed the people, and requested them that they move back and allow Hardik to leave. However, it had little impact.Hardik! Hardik!! And the chanting continued once again.“I came here directly from school. My parents are worried about me and want to know my whereabouts,” said a young student.“We are waiting here since afternoon,” said another group of youngsters, jumping up to click photographs with their mobile phones.The words were simply profound declarations.In spite of our best efforts the fans showed no sign of pulling back. Inside the studio our brains ran in overclock mode, searching for a way to guide Hardikfrom the studio to his car. However, none of them made any sense. In the end Idecided to offer our star customer and cricket’s most admired and adoredpersonality a mock Z security.



Half a dozen members of Aliens Tattoo encircled Hardik, and then nudged him to walk towards his waiting car. It was a futile attempt. Half a dozen team members were insufficient for 200 excited fans. In the end we did manage to get
him inside the vehicle but not before some unsavoury attempts and actions.

It was an experience which overshadowed all other experiences. And believe me we’ve had many!


Our Celebrity Numbers Just Keep Growing!

This time, the most entertaining player of the Indian Cricket Team,

Hardik Pandya plans a full sleeve tattoo from us. You too are just a call away :)

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