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Irresponsible Tattoo Aftercare leads to Badly Healed Tattoos

Author | Sunny Bhanushali | Aliens Tattoo



This post is about tattoo aftercare. It is about the factors which may lead to bad healing of tattoo because of tattoo infection and how to avoid it. This post will guide you through the best practices of tattoo aftercare which are extremely necessary for good healthy healed tattoo. I recommend you to read it all, however you can also jump through sections as follows -

Whenever people see badly healed tattoos, the first thing they do is judge the tattoo artist as being bad or worse. There is no consideration of other factors that might be the cause of the bad tattoo. Very few understand the importance of the aftercare and that it contributes more than 70% for the quality of the tattoo healed.


Doesn’t matter how good was your fresh tattoo. The day when you got it, it might be looking amazing, fantastic, however, with irresponsible (or being unaware of its) aftercare that same tattoo can turn into disaster within weeks.

Bad Healed Tattoos



My name is Sunny Bhanushali and I am a tattoo artist. I am not trying to blame the clients ( the one who gets tattooed ), I am being unbiased and sharing my 12 years of experience of tattooing. I have written this post to help all of you who spend precious time, money and faith in getting your tattoo from good artists and ruin it because of unawareness of tattoo aftercare. I have written this post with understanding of great pain and suffering one goes through when his/her beautiful piece of art(tattoo) turns into trash within few weeks because something goes wrong while healing, of which you are completely unaware.

irresponsible tattoo aftercare

Check out this award winning tattoo from one of the very reputed tattoo studio in India, Aliens Tattoo.


This tattoo was done by Sunny Bhanushali (Me) at the Goa Tattoo Festival. Client sat like a rock for 2 days for this tattoo and the same fresh tattoo won Best of Large Colour Tattoo at the show. However, after the show, client didn’t follow the aftercare given by Tattoo artist, and in no time it got infected. She had to visit doctor to stop the spread of infection, had mild pus formation within 3 days. With the strong dose of antibiotics, the wound recovered, however while healing there was too much colour loss and the tattoo turned out to be a mess.


before after bad aftercare tattoo infection

Another example where tattoo artist is blindly blamed for bad work.


This tattoo was done by Allan Gois at one of the Indian Tattoo Conventions. This tattoo took 2 consecutive sessions to finish. The convention was near the beach, and the climate was hot, Client got little rash on tattoo by the end of the day, Next day the whole tattoo was swollen and red until he took few antibiotics to suppress the infection. It recovered well, however the tattoo lost its contrast and faded more than expected. The reason for infection was that client left the tattoo open all the time while he was moving around the city.


Good healed tattoos


Amazingly Healed Tattoo from the same studio?

The above badly healed tattoos can be fixed through retouching it again. However, it's hard to restore its original beauty. We keep track of all the tattoos done by us, try our best to make sure things are going well and tattoo care is followed. Check out some of these beautifully healed tattoos from the same studio. Slide through to see fresh and healed tattoos.