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How to preserve your Travel Memories and cherish them often

Author | Sunny Bhanushali | Aliens Tattoo



It’s not these things that matter the most it’s the emotions attached to it, isn’t it? This blog is about preserving your memories, recollect them more often and cherish them as you did before. So how do you keep the memories alive long after your dream trip is over?


Well, there are tons of blogs written on this topic, suggesting the same old boring things, again and again, collect souvenirs, sending postcards, pricing photos etc. I am sure everyone does it anyway, like collecting souvenirs, shopping local stuff etc. don’t you?

My name is Sunny Bhanushali, I am a well-known tattoo artist from India, also well known for my breath-taking realism tattoos across the globe which allows me to travel everywhere. I love traveling, the best part is I get to meet new people, understand different cultures, visit exotic landscapes and destinations and enjoy great food.


Every time I travel I take thousands of photos through my iPhone, (I do good iPhoneography) as I think I will share them all later or print them and put it on a wall. But that never happens once I am back. Once in a while, I surf through those photos and I get to relive those moments.


I always felt like if I can see them more often, or something that triggers that emotion of joy and ecstasy more often. So I figured out these 3 creative ways to re-live those moments more often


1. Get a Tattoo


There is nothing more exciting to than to get a custom-designed tattoo of your recent travel experience. Travel tattoos are a great way to preserve your memories lifetime. Tattoos are liberating, what can get better than marking your body with a milestone (for me every travel is a milestone) or an achievement which you will always cherish, forever.


Being a tattoo artist, I always get to hear from my clients about it all the time, there is some sort of beautiful adrenaline one experiences when they get a tattoo about their travel experience. After that, every time they see their tattoo they remember those ‘ol good days, brings a smile on their faces. 


There are tons of great ideas for #traveltattoos, your artist can turn any of your experiences into beautiful tattoo design, like, you might have done surfing, scuba diving, sky-diving, been in the nature, experienced sun grazing, biking, cycling, religious experiences, mountains, rivers, architecture, meeting new friends, experiencing new culture and the list goes on. You can check this link for incredible travel tattoo ideas

2. Make Wanderlust Wall


It is a great way to record all your fun travels and life milestones. You got to dedicate an entire wall for this. As I said I take thousands of photos, I edit/process a few of them to put it on Instagram, and Facebook on the go. I just mark them as favorite so it is easy to find them at one place without sorting thousands of photos.


Once I am back from my trip I print all the photos marked as a favorite and start putting on the wall. I also write small notes and quotes, Sometimes doodle a bit, connect events through drawing lines etc. I also put souvenirs I collect like stickers and stuff on the wall.


Initially, when you start with this wall it might not look so great, however, the more your travel and the more stuff you put on the wall, it looks amazing, trust me, this wall becomes the most creative piece of art in your entire house.


You can also put your future plans for travel, put photos of all your desired places you would want to visit someday, it works like a Vision Board too. It’s fun.

3. Journaling Your Experiences


This practice is in itself a self-awakening tool. Whenever you feel great about anything, or you have an amazing experience, write it down the same day, whenever you get some time. Especially before sleep your mind will re-collect those thoughts, just put them on paper.


As soon as you start writing you will realize something you never did, it will bring a sudden rush within you, like re-living the moment again. You won’t stop writing as you will try to express your experiences and realize you are running short of words.


You will end up writing so many things that you won’t remember all of it until one day you will visit those pages and get immersed in the past again.

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