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Vishal Mandal

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Vishal Mandal is a young student who has always had a passion for art, particularly tattooing. However, he never had a strong interest in academics since his childhood. Instead, he would spend most of his time sketching and painting. Vishal was determined to improve his tattooing skills. One day, he had an extraordinary experience that changed his life forever. He had an encounter with aliens who gave him some valuable advice. They suggested that he should apply for an advanced course in tattooing to enhance his skills and gain a better understanding of shading, light, and shadow.

More About Vishal

Vishal was initially skeptical but eventually decided to follow their advice. He enrolled in an advanced tattooing course and began to learn new techniques and methods that he had never even considered before. The course helped him to develop his skills and taught him how to create beautiful and intricate designs. He learned how to use shading and light to create depth and dimension, making his tattoos come to life. Following his course, Vishal's skills improved dramatically. He became a talented tattoo artist, and his work was recognized by many. He was even selected to work alongside the aliens in a Delhi tattoo studio, an incredible honor that he never thought possible. He was grateful for the opportunity to learn from them and to work alongside other talented artists. Vishal's journey so far has been one of self-discovery and growth. He has learned to pursue his passion for tattooing while also furthering his education. He hopes that his story will inspire others to follow their dreams, even if they seem impossible.

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