The most Amazing team of tattoo makers in Mumbai, India 

We are a team of 12 top tattoo artists in Mumbai out of which 5 are the highest award-winning tattoo artists who bagged awards at some biggest tattoo conventions. We set trends! We got some incredible concepts like double-exposure tattoos and minimalism into the Indian Tattoo circuit. Tell us you want something unique and it’ll be your best decision ever!

Sunny Bhanushali

Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia. 

Allan Gois

Talk about pure young talent and Allan’s work will blow your mind. From dot-work tattoos, portrait tattoos, realism to new school tattoos, Allan has a portfolio

that’s too diverse and exquisite for his age.

Devendra Palav

Devendra Palav is a digital wizard when it comes to tattoo designing and illustration!  His designing and calligraphy skills are just amazing. If there’s a script in your mind that you want to jazz up, he is the ultimate guide! Creating outrageous fusions is his forte.

Vishal Maurya

Vishal has had a thing for art since his school days and he aspired to become an Interior Designer. However, financial difficulties ended his hopes of ever pursuing that dream and thus he chose Tattoo Making as an alternative career option. 

Manohar Koli

Manohar Koli is one of our most ambitious Tattoo Makers, he started his tattooing journey in 2010. Before this, Manohar was into Diesel Mechanics but midway through the course, he realised that he was not satisfied.

Pratik Patkar

Pratik Patkar was one of the students of Aliens Tattoo School and now is a part of Aliens Tattoo Studio. Minimal and small tattoos fall under his portfolio.

Pratik is your go-to artist if you like small and simple art.

Dipti Chaurasiya

Dipti is one of the most talented Tattoo Makers in Mumbai and we are blessed to have her as part of the Aliens family. Surprisingly, Dipti has had zero experience in art before she got into the industry.

Sakshi Panwar

Sakshi Panwar started as a student of Aliens Tattoo Art School and is now part of the team of expert artists at Aliens Tattoo. She discovered Aliens Tattoo Art School when she visited the Bhopal Tattoo Convention.

Omkar Pawar

An ever-smiling persona such as Omkar’s is hard not to notice when you walk into our studio. Omkar was always interested in sketching and painting since his schooling days. He came across the tattoo industry through social media and television shows like LA Ink.

Vinesh Malviya

Vinesh has been tattooing since 4 years and has joined the Alien gang recently. He had a passion for art and sketching since childhood. He has a soothingly calm personality, which is actually PERFECT while getting inked.

Pooja Amandira

A confused Civil Engineer from Karnataka, this childhood painter tried her hand at tattooing by making tattoos on herself and was hooked on forever on this art. She thought - if getting tattoos was so enjoyable,

Tushar Marane

A Mumbaikar born and bred, Tushar Marane is a homegrown talent. While he was a chemist by profession for four years, his heart was set on becoming an artist since childhood. So when he got the opportunity to follow his passion, he didn't think twice.

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Gyan Inder

Our very own Punjabi Munda, Gyan has been associated with Aliens for quite some time now. Since his 12th grade, he knew what he wanted to do - become a professional tattoo artist.