The most Amazing team of tattoo makers in Mumbai, India 

We are a team of 12 top tattoo artists in Mumbai out of which 5 are the highest award-winning tattoo artists who bagged awards at some biggest tattoo conventions. We set trends! We got some incredible concepts like double-exposure tattoos and minimalism into the Indian Tattoo circuit. Tell us you want something unique and it’ll be your best decision ever!

Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali

Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia. 

Allan Gois

Talk about pure young talent and Allan’s work will blow your mind. From dot-work tattoos, portrait tattoos, realism to new school tattoos, Allan has a portfolio

that’s too diverse and exquisite for his age.

Devendra Palav

Devendra Palav is a digital wizard when it comes to tattoo designing and illustration!  His designing and calligraphy skills are just amazing. If there’s a script in your mind that you want to jazz up, he is the ultimate guide! Creating outrageous fusions is his forte.

Manohar Koli.jpg
Manohar Koli

Manohar Koli is one of our most ambitious Tattoo Makers, he started his tattooing journey in 2010. Before this, Manohar was into Diesel Mechanics but midway through the course, he realised that he was not satisfied.


Bhavesh Kalma.jpg
Bhavesh Kalma

Like many other engineers before him, Bhavesh quickly realised that IT is not the job for him. Originally from Gujarat, he tried his hand making tattoos for his friends using a friend’s tattoo machine during college.

Bhanu Pratap

Bhanu is one of our youngest and the most talented tattoo artists. At age nine, he got inspired by Tribal Tattoos and ever since then, he passionately practices and creates designs that are exceptional. Today with his unbeatable passion, he is unstoppable.

Vishal Maurya.jpg
Vishal Maurya

Vishal has had a thing for art since his school days and he aspired to become an Interior Designer. However, financial difficulties ended his hopes of ever pursuing that dream and thus he chose Tattoo Making as an alternative career option.

Siddhesh Gawde_edited.jpg
Siddhesh Gawde

An engineering graduate on paper, Siddhesh quickly realised that the technical field was not his calling. Like many tattoo artists at Aliens, Siddhesh has had a thing for art since a young age.

Dipti Chaurasiya

Dipti is one of the most talented Tattoo Makers in Mumbai and we are blessed to have her as part of the Aliens family. Surprisingly, Dipti has had zero experience in art before she got into the industry.

Sakshi Panwar

Sakshi is one of our finest Tattoo Artists. She has an expertise in the Fine Tattoo art genre and believes in crafting human connections by using her art and creativity. From a student of Aliens Tattoo Art School to being the youngest intermediate artist she keeps scaling up with her work!

Ganesh Biswakarma

Ganesh comes from the beautiful city, Darjeeling. After only two years of work for the company, he had won the hearts of many. He has already established himself as one of the top tattoo artists in the Aliens.

Binod Tamang copy.jpg
Binod Tamang

Binod was a bright student in academics but also inclined towards sketching as a child. After learning Tattooing from Aliens Tattoo Art School, he has been doing a great job as an artist, majorly expertising in Realism and Calligraphy.

Omkar Pawar_Photo Edit (1).jpg
Omkar Pawar

An ever-smiling persona such as Omkar’s is hard not to notice when you walk into our studio. Omkar was always interested in sketching and painting since his schooling days. He came across the tattoo industry through social media and television shows like LA Ink.

Chethan Gowda

Chethan, a native of Bangalore, began tattooing with Aliens in 2018. He has become an artist of distinction. He managed to gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise and not only offers you jaw-dropping tattoos, but also a highly fun experience!

Rajesh Natekar.jpg
Rajesh Natekar

Rajesh had a very troubled childhood and it felt like nothing was working out for him. He went through a crisis and that incident made him realise he was in the wrong field and had to make drastic changes in life.

Sachin Thokal

Sachin spent his younger years in Navi Mumbai and pursued Computer engineering. But deep down his concealed love for art and designing endeavored to come out. He focused on his creative realm and began tattooing.

Sumit Tank

Sumit is one of our youngest and the most talented tattoo artists. At age nine, he got inspired by Tribal Tattoos and ever since then, he passionately practices and creates designs that are exceptional. Today with his unbeatable passion, he is unstoppable.

Darshan Vaya

Darshan was an active student in Arts subjects. He used to participate in various Inter-school drawing competitions and ended up winning some of them. He did research regarding Tattoos and the art style and joined Aliens Tattoo Art School. 

Artist-1045 (1)_edited.jpg
Taniya Bhanushali

I learnt different drawing techniques, tattooing in general and also I've learnt not to give up before the final output. Specialization in Line art n Neo traditional.

Abhishek Panchal.jpg
Abhishek Panchal

Abhishek Panchal was born with a golden brush. He has been a natural in art and drawing since his childhood. He began his career as a self-taught artist in 2015 after getting inspired by watching his friend learn the art of tattoo making. 

Manoj Laddha

Once a freelance painter, now a full-time tattoo artist with Aliens. Manoj Laddha saw quite the transformation in himself through his 3-month course with Aliens Tattoo Art Schoo