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Mridupaban Doley

Tattoo Artist• Tattoo Designing

Mridupaban, a native of Assam, began tattooing with Aliens in 2018. He has become an artist of distinction. In such a short time, he has managed to gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He'll not only offer you jaw-dropping tattoos, but also a highly fun experience!

More About Mridupaban Doley

Mechanical engineering is Mridu's field of study. There were few employment options in India, so he had to labour for very little money. A low moment in his life, he said. He was also dissatisfied with his profession because of this. He believed that he wanted to pursue a career in which he was truly interested and passionate about. Then, with the help of his grandma and sister, Mridu's gained the confidence he needed to take the next step in his career. As a result, he decided he wanted to learn how to tattoo with Aliens' assistance. Mridu considers the mentors at Aliens to be a significant source of information and advice. Despite suffering a significant setback, his persistence and love for tattooing propelled him back to the top. Mentoring our future pupils is on his agenda. He aspires to inspire everyone in this realm of art. 

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