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Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Author | Lalit Navani | Aliens Tattoo

Decades back, personal events were typically captured by the brain, and then retold orally, as and when demanded. Later, these good and bad occurrences were permanently frozen via camera. Today, a mobile phone does the same job with amazing speed and clarity. 


First birthday, first pet of the family, travel sagas are some of the emotional chapters which we often talk about for years;  at times for the entire lifespan. However, there is one occasion which is so profound that it needs to be etched and not just grabbed digitally.


That profound occasion is motherhood! 


"Mom to be" is a tag which is holier than God. It is a chapter which supersedes all other chapters of life. No wonder then a mother child relationship is considered as the most cherished relationship. And therefore it needs to be preserved forever.


But how? Tattoos such as mother daughter tattoos or mother son tattoo offers that amazing avenue.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

The question which plays on every expectant mother’s mind is the type of tattoo she should opt for. Finding matching mother daughter tattoo or mother and son tattoo can be quite a daunting task. However, whichever tattoo you choose, it will overwhelm your child when he/she grows up. 


Mentioned below are some of the tattoo ideas that will surely stir your parental emotions.

Option 1 - Portrait Tattoo


One of the most compelling art form from time immemorial is the portrait of a mother and a child in a warm embrace. How about you getting one on your arm or wrist? Portrait designs are real life and therefore convey unbelievable emotions. The pictorial immortality is simply unparalleled while the associated joy is life long.

Option 2 - Abstract Tattoo


If birds and bird nests express love and family values, flowers depict a range of emotions which are synonymous with humans too. For example, a while flower reflects love and new beginning while pink flowers depict bountiful happiness.  These essential elements of nature not only enhance your character, beauty but also reflects your commitment towards your child.

Option 5 - Text based [ Calligraphy Tattoo ]


Calligraphy tattoos are highly versatile. It can be used in tandem with small illustrations or solo. For example, you can simply tattoo your child’s birthdate, name or combine the same with sun sign. Strings of words could also be about quotes, your own expressions or just a simple love symbol.

Option 4 – Family Tattoo ( Illustration )


Family tattoos infuses a sense of togetherness, of love and creates a strong bond between the members. It keeps you tied to your child and other members which also include pets and possessions. Family tattoos are best exploited in illustrated form as it complements “Motherhood” perfectly.

Option 3 - Child Based Tattoo


Now this option offers you assorted choices. How about getting a tiny foot tattoo, maybe palms or simply a child in euphoric state? Child based tattoos provide you constant comfort and the feeling of being close to your little one. Years down the line it will continue to instil that sense of bonding and the connection you once shared. Go for it if you are an unusually emotional person.


Before you get super excited and dash to the nearest tattoo studio, you need to understand some of the risks involved. As an expectant mother you should consult a doctor before tattooing such an event on your body. And even then it is advisable to postpone this body inscription till the baby is born and you are through with breastfeeding phase. 


So, what are some of the possible repercussions of tattooing, such as mother daughter tattoos, to commemorate your pregnancy or motherhood. Mentioned below are some of them, although they are not proven scientifically as no thorough studies have been conducted. The idea is to wait and not rush things. The side effects might appear inconsequential but they still exist.

1. Tattooing involves pain. The intensity depends upon the area where you intend getting tattooed. Pregnancy phase is extremely difficult in terms of resistance or resilience towards emotional and physical pain. The pricking of needle may cause immense discomfort and even shock which is bad for you and the baby. This doesn’t need rocket science.


2. Tattooing is done with the help of tattooing gun which holds the needle and color. Both are perfect candidates for carrying bacteria and allergens. Although the needle works on the outer most layer of the skin, the chances of ink getting into the blood stream via complex web of arteries still remains. The percentage may be minuscule but it exists nonetheless. The seriousness multiplies if the raw material is of low quality. 


Unfortunately, tattoo equipment, especially inks are not regulated by government affiliated agencies and therefore prone to contamination. On the positive side most of the professional tattooists across the globe follow strict hygiene standards which includes - autoclave and ultrasonic process for sterilization. Moreover, with the introduction of single use ink cups and needles the chances of infection are drastically reduced.


3. During pregnancy the skin gets distorted. This stretching is not just limited to abdomen. In fact, the entire body evolves and therefore getting a tattoo during pregnancy may cause irreversible loss in tattoo clarity. Even the colors could evolve as the skin experiences tonal change.

As mentioned above, tattoos reflect varied emotions. It could depict your love for music, your craving for travel, fanaticism for vehicles or the joy of expecting a baby; mother daughter tattoos are a perfect example. In the last instance, a complementing tattoo can immortalize this blithely feeling forever. In case you still decide to go ahead and get a tattoo, make sure you consult your doctor.


On the other hand, and as pointed out earlier, it is a good idea to wait for at least six months after the baby’s arrival. During the postpartum phase the body returns to its normal contours and breast feeding too enters the final phase.

Summation – Mother daughter tattoos are a great way to immortalize motherhood. However, it is advisable to postpone this action for at least six months’ post child birth. Choosing the right tattoo also matters as it will become an integral part of your body. Make sure you choose the one which will be a source of lifelong happiness. 



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