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Art that speaks to your heart

Getting a tattoo from Aliens Tattoo is like unlocking a gateway to your inner universe. Your stories become eternal in ink, with each design a tribute to your uniqueness and the boundless potential of creativity.

Signature Tattoo Collections

Explore our diverse collection of tattoos, from designs that showcase the skill of our artists to personalized pieces that reflect the unique stories of our satisfied clients.

Explore Our Tattoo Categories to Find your Ink-Inspiration

Usually, people who want a tattoo already know what they want. But sometimes, after they decide, they find out there are so many more choices they hadn't thought about. At Aliens Tattoo, we know all about different kinds of tattoos, even the unimaginable. Whether you want a small tattoo or a big one that covers your whole arm, we have lots of ideas for every kind of tattoo you might want to get.

travel tattoo designs


Travel tattoos are not just art; they are the cartography of the soul, a visual journal etched onto the canvas of the skin, marking the journey not just across continents, but through life itself.

compass tattoo designs
animal tattoo designs


Imagine the delicate intricacies of a pet's portrait coming to life on skin—a sparkle in their eyes, the texture of fur so real you can almost feel it under your fingertips.

animal portrait tattoo designs
calligraphy tattoo designs

Calligraphy Tattoos

The art of calligraphy is where every stroke is deliberate, yet free. Translated onto the skin, it becomes an expression of identity, a declaration of love or a mantra for living.

script tattoo designs
portrait tattoo designs


Elevate your identity with our realistic portrait tattoos. Our skilled artists & designers capture lifelike details, immortalizing loved ones & icons in stunning ink.

3d portrait tattoo designs
realistic tattoo designs


What sets Realism style tattoos apart is their ability to blur the lines between art and reality. Whether it's a tribute to a loved one or a favorite artist, each tattoo carries a unique story.

3d realistic tattoo designs

We offer a diverse range of tattoo styles for everyone

We tailor tattoo designs to fit your wildest dreams. Our in-house experts craft designs that perfectly align with your dreams, offering an endless spectrum of categories to bring your vision to life.

Join us on a creative adventure of self-expression

Have you ever envisioned transforming your personal stories and dreams into breathtaking visual artistry? Step through our doors and begin a journey rich in creativity, self-discovery, and personal expression. It's the beginning of a gallery that's uniquely yours. Let's craft something unforgettable together.

watercolor tattoo designs


This unique style of tattooing mimics the exquisite strokes of watercolor paintings, where pigments merge and flow creating art that is ephemeral. On skin, the boundaries of imagination dissolve into a canvas alive with vibrant hues and fluid shapes.

watercolor tattoo ideas
buddha tattoo designs


Buddha tattoos often incorporate elements of nature, such as the lotus flower, representing purity and spiritual awakening, or the Dharma wheel, symbolizing the Eightfold Path to enlightenment.

3d buddha tattoo ideas
couple tattoo designs


Imagine a lock and key symbolizing that one holds the key to the other's heart. Or picture two halves of a whole, perhaps a celestial moon and a radiant sun, representing the harmony and balance.

couple matching tattoo ideas
double exposure tattoo designs

Double Exposure

Double exposure tattoos blend creativity and skill, creating intricate, profound optical illusions. They invite viewers to unravel their layered stories, a fusion of art and narrative.

shiva and nataraja duality tattoo design
anime and manga tattoo designs


Anime tattoos offer a unique way to commemorate the journeys that have moved us, the characters who have become our companions, and the lessons that have shaped our perspectives.

Explore Tattoos
best anime and manga tattoo designs

This is where your dream tattoo comes to life

We can help you understand what would be the perfect tattoo by exclusively curating your ideas, preferences and requirements. Remember, narrowing down on the ideal tattoo design for your skin is not something we take lightly.

Explore boundless designs, crafted just for you

pop culture tattoo designs


In pop culture, we find a common language, a way to navigate the complexities of modern life and a declaration of identity, personal tributes to the music, movies, characters, and trends that stir our souls.

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best pop culture tattoo designs
roman culture tattoo designs

Roman Collection

The legacy of Roman culture, with its gods and myths, its architectural marvels, and its tales of heroism and conquest continue to inspire tattoo art today.

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best roman mythology tattoo designs
gamers tattoo designs


Dedicated to bringing back the allure of vintage arcade games from the '70s, '80s, and '90s from Super Mario and Mortal Kombat to Dragonball Z and PUBG, opting for a tattoo is an excellent way to commemorate your passion for retro gaming.

best gamers tattoo ideas

Expert Piercers, Exceptional Care

Our team of expert piercers understand that each piercing is a personal statement—a symbol of self-expression that speaks volumes about who you are. We prioritize your safety and comfort above all else, ensuring that all piercings are conducted with utmost care and professionalism.



Whether it's a dainty constellation of ear piercings  symbolizing a journey of growth or a bold septum piercing challenging societal norms, each piercing is a reflection of its wearer's innermost desires, aspirations, and dreams.

piercing in india

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