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Choosing the best category for your tattoo has never been this easy

Most of the time, when clients plan on getting inked, they have a fair idea of what they really want on their body. However, there have been instances where a client decides what they want only to realise how many other options they have at their disposal. At Aliens Tattoo, we have mastered every tattoo category ranging from religious tattoos to animal tattoos. Be it a small tattoo or one that covers your entire sleeve, we provide tattoo ideas for everything, leaving no stone unturned. Here, we have equipped you with in-depth information on each category, when it is most appropriate and the significance behind them. We can help you understand what would be the perfect tattoo exclusively curated based on your ideas, preferences and requirements.

Confused with
so many options
to choose from?

This is where your dream tattoo comes to life

We can help you understand what would be the perfect tattoo by exclusively curating your ideas, preferences and requirements. Remember, narrowing down on the ideal tattoo design for your skin is not something we take lightly. Hence our research for the best tattoo ideas never stops. We are regularly developing and upgrading the categories with jaw-dropping designs that are unique in every sense. Our experts take immense pride in their work, and when they don’t have a tattoo machine in their hand, they will be filling stencils after stencils with the latest designs straight out of their heads. So, before narrowing down on your final tattoo idea, we highly recommend you to go through these categories.

Looking for 
out of the box?
Well, we have a lot
to talk about!

There is a unique tattoo for everyone! Hence we deliver an all-inclusive range of categories.

Everyone deserves a tattoo that best resembles their personal ideologies or something they hold truly close to their hearts. While one client is in search of ideas for pet tattoos, another could be on the lookout for religious tattoo designs. We dish out tattoo ideas of all shapes and sizes, keeping in mind our client’s expectations. Our in-house experts have been fully equipped with the knowledge of a wide array of categories. For example, if a client is in search of a watercolour tattoo, we are ready with a spectacular range of options from that category. The same goes for other designs like Lord Shiva Tattoos, Religious Tattoos, Small/Cute Tattoos, Animal Tattoos, 3D/Realistic Tattoos, Geometric Tattoos, Travel Themed Tattoos, Couple Tattoos, Calligraphy Tattoos, Full Back/Sleeve Tattoos, and so on.

Some ideas
in life can't be
put into a category and we simply agree

Got a bad tattoo in the past?

We've got you covered up

We also provide ideas on how our clients can cover-up a tattoo with a host of creative solutions that are bound to impress. Long story short, Aliens Tattoo provides a solution for all your tattoo needs and that too, without much hassle from your end. Simply browse through our catalogue and you’ll get a fair idea of the categories that are involved in the tattoo business. If this is not sufficient, come down to our salon and meet our experts. Within minutes, you’ll be provided with tattoo ideas beyond your wildest of imaginations. Our passion for tattoos knows no bounds. We ensure that when it comes to tattoo ideas, we’ll take everything into account before finalising on the perfect design on your skin.

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