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Kem Cho Ahmedabad!

Want to get inked?

When it comes to being passionate about the things one loves, the people of Ahmedabad are right up there. It feels great to share our passion for amazing tattoos with all you wonderful people!

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Amdavadis now have a premium studio for their tattooing needs!

While there are many things Ahmedabad is famous for, there is a severe lack of a world-class tattoo shop in Ahmedabad. We’re here to bridge that gap and make your life easier! With the Aliens’ hive all stocked up, we’re confident of working our magic and providing a 360° solution for everything related to tattoos and body art. An expert panel of artists is at your service!

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Unparalleled designs made simply for you

We are all unique in our ways and that's what makes us beautiful. Similarly, each tattoo has a unique story and emotion. Aliens Tattoo cares about what you believe in, and the story you want to share through your tattoo. This is why we put the efforts into making tailor-made tattoos exclusively for you.

Find the perfect tattoo artist to make your dream tattoo a reality

It's not easy finding the right artist for your long-awaited tattoo. There are so many options to choose from and this process can get really confusing. If you're looking for custom tattoos and a studio that can deliver exceptional designs, our artists are your answer.

A brand which will never leave your side

Getting inked at Aliens is not just a one-time affair. We believe in more than just creating your perfect tattoo. There's a reason why we are a brand that you can trust for a lifetime. It's because the journey does not stop when you're done with your tattoo. Aliens Tattoo believes in creating memories that we can cherish forever.


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We create designs that make jaws drop!

Each tattoo has a unique story, an emotion, and significance. We’re here to help you express that in the best way we know. Be it a minimalist tattoo or a big portrait tattoo, you can rest assured that it’ll be done just the way you envisioned. 


Have you been looking for a tattoo shop in Ahmedabad that you can depend on for that crucial decision of getting inked? Well, your search ends with our Ahmedabad Tattoo Studio!

Tattoo Artist in Ahmedabad

Before, there was a serious shortage of quality artists in the city. Now, through our exceptional grooming system, we have brought to you the best in the business at our Ahmedabad Tattoo Studio. Next time you think of the best tattoo artist in Ahmedabad, ours will be the first that comes to mind!

Manoj Laddha

Once a freelance painter, now a full-time tattoo artist with Aliens. Manoj Laddha saw quite the transformation in himself through his 3-month course with Aliens Tattoo Art School. 

Siddhesh Gawade

An engineering graduate on paper, Siddhesh quickly realised that the technical field was not his calling. Like many tattoo artists at Aliens, Siddhesh has had a thing for art since a young age

Your favorite celebrities have put their faith in Aliens Tattoo

Aliens Tattoo has welcomed many great personalities into our studios all over India. 

Celebrities like Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Roshni Chopra and many more have trusted us for their tattooing needs. It feels great to know that when it comes to tattoos, the big names know where to go. Check out which celebrities came to us and what they have to say about their experience!