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Anamika Dakua

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Anamika's tattoo journey is a great example of how passion and dedication can lead to new opportunities and success in life. Starting from a childhood interest in sketching, Anamika pursued her passion for art by joining a fine art course and specializing in painting. However, the Covid pandemic disrupted her studies and forced her to look for new avenues to explore.

More About Anamika Dakua

It was during this time that Anamika discovered her interest in tattoos and decided to join a local tattoo studio. However, she soon realized that she needed to learn more and improve her skills to achieve her goals in the industry. This led her to research and discover Aliens Tattoo School, which provided her with the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors and master new techniques. Anamika's dedication and hard work paid off, and she is now a full-time artist at Aliens Tattoo Studio, specializing in line art, anime, and realism tattoos. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others who are looking to pursue their passions and make a career out of them. It is a reminder that with perseverance and the right training, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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