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Calligraphy Tattoo Ideas

Calligraphy tattoo designs done by Aliens are texts that are skillfully executed in such ways that they look greatly appealing and add an aesthetic value to a script that would otherwise look very dull & common.

shiva mantra tattoo

More About Calligraphy Tattoo 

In our experience of more than 10 years now in the tattoo industry, we have seen 85% of our clients demanding for a unique font, a unique style to do a script tattoo that's not done by anyone before. Its quite natural to wish to get something very unique and personalized when you go for a permanent tattoo and calligraphy tattoos just serve the purpose right! They are super unique and personalized as they are specifically designed for you based on your design brief, taste and personality.

Calligraphy could be minimal or bold, depends on how you want the tattoo to look like & what it actually means. Your idea for the calligraphy can either be for a stand alone script tattoo or for a script that goes along with a tattoo design. Our artists closely understand your idea about the tattoo and design a calligraphy script that you'd love forever!! Take a look at our previously done calligraphy tattoos below.

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