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Hello Delhi!

Let's Revolutionize Tattoos in India's Capital!

We all know how fascinating Delhi’s art culture is, so it makes perfect sense to tap the market and bring to you the best tattoo artists in New Delhi under one roof. Gone are the days where Delhi’s tattoo enthusiasts would travel to outstation studios just to get a quality tattoo done. With Aliens Tattoo Delhi, we’ve saved you from this hassle!


Getting a tattoo does not get easier than this!

We know how vital a tattoo is; it’s a decision that should never be taken lightly. Many questions go through your mind like: “What kind of design should I get?” or “Will my artist justify my expectations?”. The most important question of them all is, “Which is the Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi?” Aliens Tattoo Delhi has got these bases covered, and you know we offer more, in just three simple steps!

Consultation with an Expert

Custom Design

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Design Categories


Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos designed keeping you in mind

There are many tattoo shops in Delhi, but do they provide you with the best tattoo artists? What sets us apart is the fact that our designs are unique, and we have experts for each category. We ensure that our Aliens have mastered at least one category: Realism Tattoo, Small Tattoo, or Calligraphy; we have an expert for all the respective categories.

The search for your best tattoo artist stops here

Finding the right tattoo artist can be confusing and tedious. At Aliens we cater a diverse tattoo art portfolio. We know the science behind ideating, implementing, and caring for your inked skin. You’d hate to have a design that fades, smudges up, or gets infected. These things are permanent; they are a part of your skin and need to be treated with respect.

A brand you can always depend on

Our artwork is our pride, and to be honest, your skin is our canvas. We know how negatively it would reflect if your tattoo design is not up to the mark. Keeping this in mind, we provide you with state-of-the-art aftercare products. Our experts will take ownership of their work and this is why Aliens is a brand you can trust for a lifetime.

Pet Tattoos
Best Potrait Tattoos By Aliens Tattoo
Portrait Tattoos
Small Tattoo Beautiful Inked At Aliens Tattoo
Small Tattoos
Religious Tattoo Aghori Shiva Tattoo
Religious Tattoos
Watercolour Tattoos
Geometric Tattoo By Aliens Tattoo
Geometric Tattoos
Couple Tattoo Aliens Tattoo
Couple Tattoos
Travel Tattoos By Aliens Tattoo
Travel Tattoos

Tattoo Artists in Delhi

Amazing tattoos don’t just get etched onto the skin by themselves. It takes a high level of skill-set and state-of-the-art products to create a permanent tattoo that leaves a lasting impression. The artists at Aliens Tattoo in Delhi are trained to do just that!

Shivangi Moulik

 In terms of tattooing I learnt different drawing techniques, tattooing in general and also I've learnt not to give up before the final output. Specialization in Line art n Neo traditional. Achievements would be that I got certified as a tattoo artist by aliens.  

Piyush Kumar.jpg
Piyush Kumar

Piyush Kumar is an artist who knew what he wanted to do since a young age. As a kid, he was totally fascinated by body art and that fascination turned into an obsession when he saw a hand poke artist working his magic

Ganesh Biswakarma

Ganesh comes from the beautiful city, Darjeeling. After only two years of work for the company, he had won the hearts of many. We can assure you that getting inked by him is a wonderful experience.


Your favorite Celebrities Love Aliens with all their heart 

Aliens Tattoo is the most preferred destination in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore for celebrities and sportsmen alike. We've hosted some of the biggest personalities like Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Roshni Chopra, and many more of your favorite celebs!​

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