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Bhakti Thakkar

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Bhakti Thakkar's tattoo journey began while she was pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology before the pandemic lockdown. However, during the lockdown, she reignited her passion for sketching and painting. It was during this time that she visited Aliens Tattoo studio with her mother who was interested in getting a tattoo. It was at this moment that Bhakti discovered Aliens School of Tattooing, which piqued her curiosity.

More About Bhakti Thakkar

Bhakti decided to enroll in the next batch of Aliens School of Tattooing, which began in August of 2021. During her time there, Bhakti was fortunate enough to be trained by an incredible group of mentors. Through her dedication and hard work, she was able to enhance her skills and learn a great deal from her mentors, senior artists, and fellow artists. As Bhakti progressed through her internship, she was given numerous opportunities to refine her craft and explore different styles. It was during this time that Bhakti discovered her passion for realism and watercolor tattooing. With the help of her mentors and peers, Bhakti was able to hone her skills and perfect her techniques.
Bhakti is now determined to excel in realism and watercolor tattooing. She plans to continue her education and training to become one of the best artists in her field. Her journey has been an inspiring one, filled with passion, dedication, and hard work. Aliens Tattoo Studio is proud to have played a small part in Bhakti Thakkar's journey to becoming a skilled and accomplished tattoo artist.

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