We are known for phenomenon called Jaw-Drop

You are looking at the work of one of the best tattoo studio in India. We are creative team of award winning  tattoo artists, illustrators, painters and digital artists lead by superhuman (Alien) Sunny Bhanushali, one of the best tattoo artist in India.


Aliens Tattoo Studio is rated as the most creative tattoo studio in Mumbai by Mid Day. We are  known for jaw-dropping realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos. Take a look at our portfolio and mind your jaw-drop, it might happen :)



Custom and Original

Aliens Tattoo team understands the core values attached to each tattoo and its outmost importance of maintaining originality and authenticity of each tattoo design, and so, to achieve this, we always look forward to collaborate with artists from various backgrounds around the world to bring the best custom tattoo designs for our clients.

Our design heads, Sunny Bhanushali and Sameer Qureshi, have created many of the best tattoo designs which are ranking top on Google Images and Pinterest for their genre. Our designs are tailor made to fit the clients tattoo ideas. Aliens Tattoo has been pioneer to bring the Double Exposure tattoos in Indian tattoo culture. 

It doesn't matter if the tattoo request is small or huge, its about creativity and originality. Its an experience to get a tattoo from Aliens Tattoo, its not just about inks and needles, it's about connecting to our clients to a deeper level to understand the very core purpose and emotions attached to the tattoo, and bringing it to life in the form of tattoo design



If you have a concept in mind for your tattoo, an, for some reasons or doubts you are confused, please fell free to visit our tattoo parlour for consultation, we do not charge any tattoo consultation fee. Doesn't matter if you get a tattoo from us or not, you can still consult us for any queries regarding your tattoo.

You can reach us at +919833065209 or write us at getinked@alienstattoos.com.  We recommend you to consult first before getting any tattoo, have a discussion with professional artists and understand what best options you can have before getting one.




14 Diverse Tattoo Artists, One Roof

Aliens tattoo has made through numerous international awards for their mind-blowing tattoos. In fact, our studio, collaboratively, won the highest number of awards in Indian Tattoo Industry, which makes our studio, an highly recommended and most awarded tattoo studio nationwide.


We are not just any team of tattoo artists, we are Aliens. Each one of us comes from diverse artistic background.  We are team of illustrators, digital artists, charcoal artists, painters, photographers, videographers lead by none other than Sunny Bhanushali, brain-child behind the global success of Aliens Tattoo and founder of Indian first tattoo school, Aliens Tattoo School.

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Aliens Tattoo is the Hub for international travellers, visitors and tattoo enthusiasts. Approximately 40% of the our Aliens Tattoo Studio clientele consist of people from outside India, mostly from leading countries like USA, Europe, Austrailia, Canada etc. People from across the globe have appreciated our work and also found us to be reasonable in tattoo pricing for the level of quality work we do.

Our studio is like a second home to NRI's when it comes to getting tattoos based on Hindu Mythology and religious tattoos. We also travel around the world as a team of artists serving our international clientele. So far, we have travelled to Denmark, Germany, London, Canada, Thailand and Sri Lanka as guest tattoo artists.



I had a perfect experience at Aliens. I’m from the United States and this was my first time in India, so I wanted to find a shop where I could connect with the artists and feel welcome as a foreigner. They were totally understanding of my ideas and made myself and my friend extremely comfortable while we were there. A lot of artists make you feel pushy for being particular about how you want your tattoo, but my artist at Aliens was so open to my ideas and was very genuine and sweet. Not only that, but he was a talented artist; I was super impressed by his ability to make my sketch something better while maintaining my own style. Since it was my last day in Mumbai and I had to catch a flight, everyone at Aliens was committed to working quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality of my tattoo or my comfort. I’ve gotten five tattoos before, but Aliens has been the best experience I’ve had so far and I’m truly grateful for how patient and cool everyone there is. I can’t wait to come back and hopefully work with them again!

—  Nina Gaulin, Google Review


Aliens Tattoo is one of the top rated tattoo studio in Mumbai and India. We have received more than 1000 Reviews, collaboratively, considering Facebook and google reviews. Please feel free to click the following links and see what people are saying about us.

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