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tattoo pricing

Discover the art behind our tattoo pricing

Embark on a transparent journey through the craftsmanship, dedication, and artistry that define our tattoo pricing. Experience the bespoke luxury that each unique piece of ink on your skin represents.

How tattoo pricing works

Central to our bespoke tattoo pricing framework is the unparalleled expertise of our artists. It is their skill and finesse that guide the valuation of each piece, transcending the conventional metrics of time, size, and session costs. 

By size

By size, our tattoo pricing is determined by the physical dimensions of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos cost less, while larger pieces require a greater investment. This method considers the amount of ink and detail work needed, which scales up with size. It's a common approach for tattoos with a predictable size, regardless of intricacy."

By time

Tattoo Pricing by time means that the cost of your tattoo is calculated based on how long it takes to complete. This method is transparent and straightforward, charging an hourly rate that reflects the artist's time spent on designing, inking, and perfecting your tattoo. It's ideal for designs where the time required can be estimated up front.

By session

Tattoo Pricing by session is used for tattoos that require multiple sittings, often for larger or more intricate designs. Each session is priced separately, taking into account the progress made. This is beneficial for extensive art pieces that evolve over time, allowing for detailed work that cannot be completed in a single appointment.

Average pricing by Artist's skillset

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By size (Per Sq. Inch)
By time (Per hour)
By session (Per day)

Our pricing table offers a clear approximation of tattoo costs across different skill levels of artists: beginner, intermediate, and professional. It's important to understand that the final cost can vary due to factors like design complexity and placement on the body. While opting for a highly skilled professional artist ensures top-notch quality, selecting them for a simpler design might not be the most cost-effective choice.


We guide you in choosing the right artist to ensure your vision is both beautifully and economically realized. This approach is designed to optimize your investment, ensuring that you receive the best value in line with the complexity and requirements of your tattoo.

Tattoos by price

Explore our curated tattoo galleries to see the stunning possibilities at every price point. From subtle religious icons under 5K INR to opulent masterpieces over 100K, find the perfect piece to match your budget and artistic vision. Our range of tattoo pricing offers a glimpse into the artistry and detail you can expect

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