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Faruk Sanadi

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

A Mumbaikar born and bred, Faruk Sanadi is a homegrown talent. While he was a chemist by profession for four years, his heart was set on becoming an artist since childhood. So when he got the opportunity to follow his passion, he didn't think twice.

More About Faruk Sanadi

It was from his friend that he learned the basics of tattooing and through that experience, he started getting really good in his work, especially in Realism Tattoos. However, there is no end to learning and his desire to be one of the best led him to Aliens. It's here that Faruk is now plying his trade and making world-class tattoos on a daily basis. Faruk r believes that the future for artists is bright and is looking forward to reaching his dream of becoming a renowned tattoo artist.

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