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Sagar Chaudhary

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Borrowing money to buy his first tattoo kit to open his studio, Sagar has had an experience of over 05-06 years in tattooing. He was always fascinated by tattoo art. He has expertise in realism, black and gray tattoos. 

More About Sagar

Sagar used to draw temporary tattoos on his friends in school. After confessing his passion to his parents, they declined. Initially, his parents didn’t support him and he began to do freelancing. A year later, he joined Aliens Tattoo Art School. After finishing his duration of the course, he opened his studio in partnership. After a year of working at his studio, he left it and now is associated with Aliens Tattoo Studio, Chennai. Sagar says he loves to keep changing things. It is ought to happen that he gets bored of it soon, hence change is constant in his growth and development. 

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