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Vishnu Panchal

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Intrigued by Aliens Tattoo Youtube Channel, Vishnu decided to do tattooing full time. He has been tattooing since 2016 and started doing temporary tattoos on his friend. He is a self-learnt tattoo artist and enjoys Geometric, Abstract Art, Line Art Tattoos. He is passionate and his love for tattooing has made him one of the finest tattoo artists. 

More About Vishnu

Vishnu always was inclined towards becoming a full-time tattoo artist. As his parents wanted him to excel in his studies, he never considered studies his priority. To buy a tattoo kit, he borrowed money from his friend and later continued practicing thoroughly. He got detained in the 5th semester of his course. He was under peer pressure, and so he admitted himself to Computer Science, Engineering. Within a few days, he was offered a job at Aliens, as his skills were top-notch. Since then, he took back his documents from his respective college and never plans to go back. 

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