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Rajesh Natekar

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Rajesh had a very troubled childhood and it felt like nothing was working out for him. He went through a crisis and that incident made him realise he was in the wrong field and had to make drastic changes in life.

More About Rajesh Natekar

However, his parents had given up on him and only his sister still kept her belief in him. Through her guidance, Rajesh decided to follow his passion in drawing and with the help of his sister, generated enough funds to join a Tattoo Studio where he was supposed to learn as well as practice Tattoo Making. However, after two years, he realised this was not the right place as he was not learning anything. He then started learning things by himself by looking at YouTube videos. Rajesh then felt he did not have a proper guide in this field and he dropped out of the industry completely and started doing part-time jobs to make ends meet. One fine day, he met a fellow tattooist who convinced him to get back into the field and Rajesh felt inspired by him. After a few years of training, Rajesh met Sunny Bhanushali coincidentally and learnt about Aliens Tattoo. He knew this was the place where he wanted to be and decided to get himself associated with them. This felt like a dream come true and after four years of learning about Tattoo Making, he felt like this was a fresh start in life. He has been training and practicing Tattoo Making as a pro since a year and is continuing to sharpen his skills.

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