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Bhargav Eppili

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Meet Bhargav Eppili, our talented tattoo artist at our Vizag tattoo studio. Bhargav's journey into the world of tattoos began after completing his graduation, when he found himself searching for a job in his field of study. However, after getting his first tattoo after completing his (+2), he became intrigued with the process and became passionate about tattoos.

More About Bhargav

As someone with no background in art, Bhargav turned to Aliens Tattoo School for guidance and training. The mentors at Aliens helped him develop his skills and gave him the tools he needed to become a successful tattoo artist. Bhargav has excelled in many areas of tattooing but is particularly passionate about animal realism. He was even ranked in the top 5 in this category at the Aliens Tattoo School. Additionally, he received an award for Best Sketch Style Tattoo at a small convention held by the Aliens team, which was a great honor. Bhargav's goal is to continue to produce high-quality tattoos and to become a professional-level artist in the field. He hopes to be recognized as a runner-up or winner in the next five years. We are thrilled to have Bhargav as part of our team and look forward to seeing his continued growth as a tattoo artist.

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