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Darshan Vaya

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

As a child, Darshan was an active student in Arts subjects. He used to participate in various Inter-school drawing competitions and ended up winning some of them. Later, finishing his HSSC, he did extensive research regarding Tattoos and the art style and joined Aliens Tattoo Art School. Ever since then, he has been getting better at tattoo art and its form every day more than yesterday. 

More About Darshan

Darshan, born and brought up in Mumbai, was always academically bright in his studies. He had plans to pursue a Bachelor's in Finance overseas. During the lockdown period, he dropped his plan and decided to step into the art world. While accompanying his sister to her tattoo sessions at Aliens Tattoo Studio, Mumbai. He realized that the art and its magic makes him feel alive. He watched closely how every piece of art was created and he immediately fell in love. Later on, he decided to learn it thoroughly and practise it all his life. He joined Aliens Tattoo Art School and has been currently placed at Ahmedabad Studio. He is inclined towards Line-Art, Photo-Realism and color realism tattoos. Apart from tattooing, he is also learning Graphic Designing and Animation.  

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