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Siddhesh Gawde

Portraits • Designing

An engineering graduate on paper, Siddhesh quickly realised that the technical field was not his calling. Like many tattoo artists at Aliens, Siddhesh has had a thing for art since a young age. This inclination pushed him towards graphic designing which is what he decided to make a career out of.

Awards & Recognition

However, this field kept his creativity in a stranglehold due to client demands. Also, he felt his work was not getting due credit. This is when Siddhesh decided he needed to change things and do something that gave him artistic freedom. He came across tattoos and knew right away that this is what he was searching for. Since he was an amateur in this field, he wanted to get the best training before getting into the deep end and so he joined Aliens Tattoo Art School while working a day job as well. Siddhesh worked hard and his efforts finally paid off as he learnt everything there was to know in the tattoo industry. He was invited by Aliens to participate in India’s biggest tattoo festival- Heartwork Tattoo Festival 2019. He did really well and bagged the Dr. J.A Kohiyal Memorial Award. This was just the beginning for him as he landed a job as a full-time resident tattoo artist at Aliens Tattoo Delhi. Over the years, Siddhesh has become an expert at Black and grey realism Tattoos. So, if you’re ever in Delhi and looking to get a cool tattoo done, you know where to go!

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Dr. J.A Kohiyar

Heartwork Tattoo festival

Delhi 2019

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