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Sachin Thokal

Highly experienced tattoo artist at Aliens 

Sachin spent his younger years in Navi Mumbai and pursued Computer engineering. But deep down his concealed love for art and designing endeavoured to come out. And then he finally realized that he needed to focus on his creative realm. And since then he began tattooing.

More About Sachin Thokal

With two failed careers, engineering and BPO, Sachin thought his heart longed for something else. And that is why he left and went to the path his heart showed him. He had been intrigued by tattoos ever since he saw VJ Bani. And that is what he thought he wanted to go for. Despite the financial constraints, he learnt tattooing. His hunger for learning is what made him successful in his field. And his vision is ‘to inspire others with his art and to make sure that they don’t make the same mistake.’ Since he owned his own studio he is great at all types of tattoo. But he is specially recognized for his dotwork, mandala and line art tattoos. 

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