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You’ll Be Sorry if You Miss This Guide to Aesthetic Tattoos

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The universal tattoo definition of aesthetic is synonymous with minimalistic and petite tattoos, so that is what we will have a look at in this specially curated list of aesthetic tattoos! Fasten your seatbelts, for this will be a rollercoaster through ink town!

Aesthetic tattoos are a new trend under the vast subject of tattoo art. The definition of the word ‘aesthetic’ is a somewhat subjective term, as it is related to beauty and its appreciation. Using this meaning, some people might prefer full-arm colorful sleeves, and on the other hand, others might like small black-and-white tattoos.

Charming Chest Tattoos

These aesthetic tattoos can be placed anywhere on the chest, a giant canvas for tattoo artists. You can have script tattoos, realistic tattoos, line-art designs, black-and-white tattoos, colorful tattoos, and many others: the possibilities are endless! Some popular areas on the chest to get a tattoo are the ribs, the collarbones, the sternum, or even the full chest. People like to go a bit lower and show off their stomachs with a tattoo too.

Beautiful Back Tattoos

The back is as broad a canvas, or maybe even more prominent than the chest. Some parts of the back won’t be excruciating. If you choose to get a tattoo right on your spine, it might pain a lot due to the various neurons that originate and end in that area. Nevertheless, this is an excellent area to get a vast and marvelous tattoo, as it will be camouflaged by regular clothing, but if you opt to wear a backless or vest-type of a shirt, you can show off your tattoo with pride.

Aesthetic Arm Tattoos

These tattoos are generally made on the arm, as it is easier to show it off to people and doesn’t cause a lot of pain while getting it done. It is also easy to hide with long-sleeved shirts if they are in a professional environment where tattoos are a big no-no. This area does not undergo significant muscle mass change due to exercise or other reasons; hence the design will not crack after years.

The arm's skin cells don’t regenerate as quickly as it does on the palm or other sensitive parts of the body; hence, you won’t have to get a touch-up of the ink during relative intervals. The arm is such an area that it doesn’t matter what gender you are; you will surely prefer to get your first tattoo here.

Lovely Leg Tattoos

These tattoos, just like arm tattoos, can be both inconspicuous and noticeable at a moment’s notice. The ankle is an area where the bone juts out and has a thin layer of skin over it, so it might be a bit painful for those who are sensitive to needle pricks. On the other hand, you can select from so many different designs aesthetically pleasing for you, without second looks or stares by curious people who want to know the exact reason you got this design and not something else!

Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Tattoos on the shoulder blade are also a good option for those looking to get aesthetic tattoos on their body. Here, one can go for more significant options and have the scope to make a realistic tattoo as well. The detailing can be more intricate and beautiful at the same time. Many people go for animal tattoos like a butterfly or owl.

Radiant Rib Tattoos

The rib area is also a perfect place for a tattoo. It has the scope for really aesthetic tattoos of various elements. One can go for script tattoos, line art tattoos, or shapes that are visually pleasing. The above pictures are examples of rib tattoos that have been done at Aliens Tattoo Studio.

Inner Arm Tattoos

The inside of the arm is another option to get an aesthetic tattoo. This is a convenient place for the tattoo as it can be inconspicuous, but at the same time, it can also be a hidden gem. It stays up to the owner of the tattoo as to when they want to reveal their ink.

Side Chest & Collar Bone Tattoos

Aesthetic Tattoos and tattoos on the chest or collar bone go hand in hand. These places can be beautified with tattoos as they help make features like the collar bone more prominent. Many people opt for tattoos on their chest or collar bone these days as it has risen in popularity. Check out some examples of aesthetic tattoos on the chest and collar bone area.

Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is an attractive option for an aesthetic tattoo as well. It has a good working space for the artist and looks great when the owner wants to flaunt them while wearing a tank top or a sleeveless t-shirt. Many different styles of tattoos can be done here, and the best part is that your aesthetic tattoo can be extended to become full sleeve tattoos!

Side Wrist Tattoos

The side of the wrist can be an excellent option for your next aesthetic tattoo. This is where minimal designs should be done for the best visual experience. People go for scripts or particular objects that resonate with their feelings and passion. Check out the above pictures for a reference of some of the side wrist tattoos done at Aliens.

Inner & Outer Arm Tattoos

A common area for an aesthetic tattoo can be the inner or outer side of the arm. The placement can depend on the type of tattoo as well. A script tattoo would look better in the front of the arm, while objects look better on the inside of the arm. Either way, these tattoos are one of the most aesthetically pleasing tattoos around.

Arm Band Tattoos

Last but not least, armband tattoos have become quite the rage, especially among men. Many mandala designs work well with an armband tattoo, and Aliens Tattoo Studio is one of the best studios for mandala tattoos done by our mandala expert Devendra Palav. Check out the above armband tattoos done by us!


People prefer to make more significant designs or designs with many intricacies and minute details in fat or muscle areas, like the thigh or the calf. This means that the client can sit for more extended periods to finish the tattoo with minimal pain.

There you have it: some aesthetic tattoo examples and their placements on the body! If you, too, wish to get a similar design or one that is customized to your wishes, visit the Aliens Tattoo Studio website and fill up the consultation form to avail your free advice session with our world-famous tattoo artists!

What are you waiting for? Get inking!

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