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We Need to Talk About Wrist Tattoos!

Updated: May 4

Tattoos are not a new concept; they have been around since the time of neanderthals. The oldest tattoos ever found was on Ötzi, a 5000-year-old human whose mummified body was found with acupuncture tattoos. Tattoos have a lot of symbolism according to various cultures, and many say that it helps in relieving stress and chronic diseases like arthritis and nerve disorders.

Men have been getting tattoos since the start of time, and unlike women’s tattoos, it has never been a topic of taboo for them. Western men of reputable families refrained from getting full-arm sleeves tattoos but were notorious for getting tattoos linked to a particular secret society they were a part of. In the 18th and 19th centuries, tattoos were associated with criminals, who were tattooed by the police as a mark of identification and shame, and sailors, for whom tattoos were a culturally significant topic and could help in identifying the body in case of a shipwreck.

This whole outlook towards tattoos changed in the 20th and 21st centuries when rebels and hippies started to get tattoos as a sign of self-expression and rebellion against society's strict and archaic rules. Movie celebrities and rock stars brought the art of tattoos closer to home, making many of their followers sport the same tattoos. In the 21st century, many men choose to get tattoos related to showing off their masculinity, their love for particular movies or TV series, or dedicated to loved ones.

Wrist tattoos are one of the most popular places where men get tattoos, as it is both visible when they meet friends or acquaintances and invisible when they have to work in a professional and corporate setting. People can choose to get either small tattoos on their wrists or more prominent tattoos, which start from their wrists and extend upwards to their elbows.

Let’s have a glance at a specially curated list of wrist tattoos for men:

Hello Kitty Couple Tattoo for Men

Couple tattoos are a rising favorite among men, in which they immortalize their love towards their significant other forever. This tattoo features two cats with a heart. People, especially men, love LOVE and are never shy in telling about it to the world. How cute is that!

Fandom tattoos are a rising trend among the youth. They tend to get tattoos related to their favorite movies or TV series, especially if they consider the character or the quote inspiring or funny. This tattoo of Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle will surely bring all the fanboys together!

Arrow Tattoo for Men

Arrow tattoos have a lot of symbolic meaning, both personally and culturally. It shows that the wearer is ambitious, protects their loved ones, and has good concentration levels. A single arrow represents independence and shows that the person is self-reliant and are protected by their inner strength.

Twin Tattoos for Friends

A friendship is typically a lifelong gift, so why not make it concrete with matching tattoos? Such tattoos don’t always have to be big and complex; they could be minimalist and straightforward. This Three Musketeers-inspired tattoo shows that these friends would be together and help each other no matter where they are and in any situation.

Pet Tattoo on wrist

Many pet parents opt to get pet tattoos to remember their little doggo, kitty cat, or even a fish or reptile who loved them for their whole life. This tattoo features a dog sitting on a beautiful colored crescent moon, which amalgamates two of the person’s favorite things.


Travel Tattoo on Wrist

Travel tattoos are a particular favorite amongst those who have ‘wanderlust’ in their Instagram bios. This tattoo means that wherever this person is, their heart would always be in the mountains. After looking at this tattoo, going to the mountains is undoubtedly on everyone’s travel bucket list!

Anchor Tattoo

[Source: Pinterest]

Anchor Tattoo on Wrist

The anchor tattoo is widespread, yet one does not get tired of looking at it. It symbolizes that the person is grounded and down to earth. Just like how an anchor is raised before a ship leaves port, a tattoo of it represents that the person is ready to leave their stormy surroundings and ride into the new day.

Quote Tattoo for Men

Quote tattoos have also been rising in popularity, with many men getting quotes that resonate with their soul or inspire them tattooed on their skin. This quote is a line from the song ‘Last Words’ by the rock band My Chemical Romance. This quote essentially means that the person is not afraid of solitude and loneliness and are their own companion.

Bar code Tattoo

[Source: Pinterest]

Barcode Tattoo On Wrist

Bar code tattoos are slowly becoming a niche tattoo design. Men can get a bar code wrist tattoo, which, when scanned, can take you to their social media profile or to a page that shows a photo of their loved ones or happy memories. They can also choose to add meaningful dates below the code related to significant numbers or dates in their lives.

Fandom Tattoo

[Source: Reddit]

Harry Potter Fandom Tattoo

Miniature portrait tattoos are all the craze nowadays, in which tattoo artists can design a whole depiction of a person or animal in an area similar to that of a Snitch. Take a look at this Harry Potter-inspired tattoo, wearing which you would also be the center of discussions such as “was Snape a hero or a villain” or “how come Peter Pettigrew did not show up on the Marauder’s Map in Prisoner of Azkaban?” After all this time of going through this list of wrist tattoos for men, get a tattoo that would be with you, Always.

If you Stigmatophiles have an INKling of getting one of these awesome wrist tattoos, visit your nearest Aliens Tattoos branch, now in Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and California. You can also go through our list of small and cute tattoos or meet one of our in-house tattoo experts to design your customized wrist tattoo, which would exhibit your masculinity, love for somethings, or just an idea which you identify with.

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Unknown member
Mar 25

I plan to have tattoos on my wrist. Thanks for sharing these tattoo ideas. They look amazing like minecraftle game. I really love this game.

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