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Hi! My name is

Vishal Maurya

My passion for script inked in graceful strokes helps me create tattoos that go beyond ages

My tattoo portfolio

About me

Hello, I'm Vishal. My passion for art led me to start making tattoos. At first, I wanted to be an Interior Designer, but money issues made me consider tattooing instead. I worked hard for three years, juggling my college studies with learning how to tattoo. I really wanted to learn from the best, so I aimed to join Aliens Tattoo, where Sunny Bhanushali works.
Even though I faced some difficulties at first, I didn't give up. I practiced at another studio until I finally got the chance to work at Aliens. Now, I'm a full-time tattoo artist there. I'm really good at making Calligraphy, Geometric/Abstract, and Realism tattoos. My journey shows how important it is to keep going, no matter what challenges you face.


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