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Nine Noteworthy Neck Tattoos For Men

Updated: May 4

Tattoos are among the most notable trends, which have arisen in the last couple of decades and become mainstream. Before that, only criminals and circus performers wore tattoos, as they were considered outcasts from society. Tattoos were supposed to be very painful, as tattoo artists used needles that pierced the skin and deposited ink deep into the cells. Also, cheaper tattoos would give people severe infections if the equipment used were not sterilized and hygienic. With international regulations on the health and educational standards in tattoo studios, getting a tattoo as safe as getting a vaccine!

Not many people prefer to get neck tattoos, but those who do are certainly not the faint of heart. The skin on the neck area is very thin and has many nerve endings, which causes a lot of pain and stress to the person getting tattooed. Moreover, it would be difficult for the person to breathe during the session and would have to take frequent breaks. If people really want a neck tattoo but have low pain tolerance, they are suggested to get a tattoo on the nape of the neck, as it has more muscles and fat to cushion the needle’s piercings than the throat area.

Neck tattoos cannot be disguised adequately by clothing, unlike arm or back tattoos. Nevertheless, they make more of a style and personality statement than typical tattoos do. Such tattoos are generally frowned upon in corporate environments, but the patience and pain tolerance the person needed to get a neck tattoo makes them immune to any boring meeting in the office!

Neck tattoos are more famous in men than in women, as women generally tend to wear jewelry around that area, which they can change whenever they want and coordinate with their style. This is why neck tattoos represent strong, bold, and masculine personalities, as it is typically painful and cannot be covered up.

Take a look at some hardcore neck tattoos for men:

Such animal portrait tattoos are a pretty recurrent theme seen in men’s tattoos, but it is not something the world is tired of seeing. Getting a tattoo on the throat area is very painful, but if this is the final product, there would be no regrets.

Bird Tattoo on Neck

Birds are a common subject in a tattoo, as it represents freedom and peace. The eagle signifies victory, the owl signifies wisdom, and the dove symbolizes peace. These depictions could generally mean the defeat of darkness and evil with the help of light and good.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos show the wearer’s culture, heritage, and personality to the world. The meaning of the symbols changes from tribe to tribe, and hence it is crucial to do proper research and finding out the various definitions before zeroing in on a tribal design. There has been a considerable backlash in cases where tribal tattoos were done by non-members, as it can be considered cultural appropriation and disrespect to the tribe’s history and traditions. Hence, if you want to do a tribal tattoo just because it looks cool, you will be suggested a different tattoo by your tattoo artist.

A mandala is a spiritual and religious symbol in Asian cultures, notable in Hinduism and Buddhism. It defines the cyclical motion of life around the divine group governing the universe. This is a very aesthetically satisfying symbol, and hence is a popular choice for neck tattoos.

Tattoos related to notable books, movies, or TV series are all a fad now. It shows that whatever the person looks or acts like, they are a little boy excited about things that inspire or motivate them. These Star Wars and Harry Potter-inspired tattoos really take us to a different world on seeing them!

Script tattoos are one of the most famous designs for a tattoo. You can choose any quote from a book, movie, or even something you've heard from loved ones. You can select to do a full quote or a word from any language you want and in any font too!

Religious tattoos are typically made by men, as they identify with the mythological stories and gods and their morals. Such tattoos generally have a deep meaning for the person and their faith, according to which they have lived their lives.

Music Tattoo

Music is an integral part of every human’s life. This neck tattoo features some music notes, a varied combination of which is used to make many songs in different languages and cultures. So, if you want to show your skills on the guitar to a girl you have a crush on, get a music tattoo using which you can start a conversation effortlessly on your favorite subject!

Illusion tattoos are a new design seen in the tattoo industry. This design tricks our brains using subtle lines and shading and makes us think that the person’s throat is thinner than it looks. How cool is that!


Neck tattoos are generally thought to be an extreme niche of tattoos to get. If you are INKspired by these tattoos, come over to Aliens Tattoo Studio, India and get a free consultation with our in-house tattoo experts, who will help you add a bit of YOU in your design. What are you waiting for? Fill up our consultation form so that we can answer any and all questions you have about neck tattoos!

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