Nine Noteworthy Neck Tattoos For Men

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Tattoos are one of the most famous trends, which has risen in the last couple of decades and become mainstream. Before that, only criminals and circus performers wore tattoos, as they were considered to be outcasts from society. Tattoos were supposed to be very painful, as tattoo artists used needles that pierced the skin and deposited ink deep into the cells. Also, cheaper tattoos would give people severe infections if the equipment used were not sterilized and hygienic. Now, with international regulations on the health and educational standards in tattoo studios, getting a tattoo as safe as getting a vaccine!

Not a lot of people prefer to get neck tattoos, but the ones who do are certainly not the faint of heart. The skin on the neck area is very thin and has a lot of nerve endings, which causes a lot of pain and stress to the person getting tattooed. Moreover, it would be difficult for the person to breathe during the session and would have to take frequent breaks. If people really want a neck tattoo but have low pain tolerance, they are suggested to get a tattoo on the nape of the neck, as it has more muscles and fat to cushion the needle’s piercings than the throat area.

Neck tattoos cannot be properly disguised by clothing, unlike arm or back tattoos. Nevertheless, they make more of a style and personality statement than normal tattoos do. Such tattoos are generally frowned upon in corporate environments, but the patience and pain tolerance the person needed to get a neck tattoo makes them immune to any boring meeting in the office!

Neck tattoos are more famous in men than in women, as women generally tend to wear jewelry around that area, which they can change whenever they want and coordinate with their style. This is why neck tattoos represent strong, bold, and masculine personalities, as it is typically painful and cannot be covered up.

Take a look at some hardcore neck tattoos for men:

Portrait Tattoo

This portrait tattoo of Marilyn Monroe is a pretty recurrent theme seen in men’s tattoos, but it is not something the world is tired of seeing. The portrait can be identified by about everyone, as Monroe is an iconic person immortalized in movies and advertisements around the world. Getting a tattoo on the throat area is very painful, but if this is the final product, there would be no regrets.