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Hi! My name is

Devendra Palav

My expertise in precise patterns allows me to ink geometric tattoos that are beyond just shapes.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm a standout in Mumbai's tattoo industry, known for my digital skills in designing tattoos and illustrations. With expertise in calligraphy and design, I add a special touch to lettering and create unique fusion designs with style.
My portfolio has a variety of styles, like dotwork, line art, blackwork, calligraphy, and script tattoos, all done with great care and precision. I've earned recognition across the country, winning awards like Best Collaboration at the Goa Tattoo Festival in 2017 and being the Runner-Up for Best Realism at the Heartwork Tattoo Festival in 2019. Like Devendra Palav, I want to be a leader in the tattoo world, inspiring others with my creativity and dedication.


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