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Hi! My name is

Sakshi Panwar

My love for clean lines and intricate patterns helps me create art that stands the test of time

My tattoo portfolio

About me

Hey, I'm Sakshi, a 23-year-old tattoo artist from Rajasthan. Growing up in the northern part of India, I discovered my passion for doodling at a young age, drawing endless inspiration from my rich culture. My artistic journey took a professional turn in 2019 when I enrolled at Aliens Tattoo School, where I honed my skills and specialized in fine-line tattoos.
I have been fortunate to receive recognition for my work, including winning the Best Dotwork and Mandala category at the Kula Tattoo Convention. My art has also been featured in prominent publications like Total Tattoo and Femina. My designs are a blend of tradition and modernity, seamlessly incorporating Marwadi cultural elements into minimalist aesthetics.
My work is more than just tattoos; it is about creating lasting memories with my clients. Inspired by my mother's strength and guided by my mentor, Sunny Sir, my artistry goes beyond my boundaries, where I celebrate personal stories through ink on skin. Creating delicate fine-line tattoos is my way of channeling that deep connection to my roots and sharing it with the world.


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