Neck Tattoos For Women: Why You Should Get One

“Should I get a tattoo?” has been a long-debated question, currently going on for more than a millennia. Even if it was perfectly normal for men to get tattooed, it was a strict no-no for women to do the same. Tattooed women were thought to be of bad character or belonging to lower classes, such as circus performers, runaways, or rebellious hippies. There have been circus performances in which tattooed women were exhibited, much to the awe, surprise, and a little backlash by the upper classes and nobility.

In the mid-20th century, the hippie culture started in Western countries, in which young women got tattoos as a sign of rebellion against the strict sexist and archaic views or the patriarchal society and a protest against many governmental and cultural wrongdoings such as the Vietnam War in the USA and the baseless stereotypes and injustice towards LGBTQ+ people. As the Eastern countries were Americanised, the art of tattoos as a sign of self-expression crossed the seas. Before that, Eastern tattoos were generally linked to a sense of belonging to tribes or castes or had religious and health significance.

Amateurs typically elect to get tattoos on their arms or legs, which are areas that can be covered easily with clothing. On the other hand, tattoo lovers start small and slowly graduate to bigger tattoos on their back and chest area, and sometimes even the face. Women generally get small and aesthetic tattoos on their wrists or ankles. Nowadays, many women choose to get bigger tattoos in areas with thinner skin such as the neck and ribs, as they generally have a higher pain tolerance than men.

Many women celebrities have spearheaded the tattoo movement, including Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Deepika Padukone, and many others. This has given a rise to women’s tattoos, significantly neck tattoos. Neck tattoos are said to be some of the most painful ones as they are located in areas with thinner skin and many nerve endings, but the pain is nothing when you get the opportunity to see the final design.

Take a look at this specially curated list of neck tattoos for women: