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Neck Tattoos For Women: Why You Should Get One

Updated: May 4

“Should I get a tattoo?” has been a long-debated question, currently going on for more than a millennia. Even if it was perfectly normal for men to get tattooed, it was a strict no-no for women to do the same. Tattooed women were thought to be of bad character or belonging to lower classes, such as circus performers, runaways, or rebellious hippies. There have been circus performances where tattooed women were exhibited, much to the awe, surprise, and a little backlash by the middle and upper classes and nobility.

In the mid-20th century, the hippie culture started in Western countries, in which young women got tattoos as a sign of rebellion against the strict sexist and archaic views or the patriarchal society and a protest against many governmental and cultural wrongdoings such as the Vietnam War in the USA and the baseless stereotypes and injustice towards LGBTQ+ people. As the Eastern countries were Americanised, the art of tattoos as a sign of self-expression crossed the seas. Before that, Eastern tattoos were generally linked to a sense of belonging to tribes or castes or had religious and health significance.

Amateurs typically elect to get tattoos on their arms or legs, which are areas that can be covered easily with clothing. On the other hand, tattoo lovers start small and slowly graduate to more prominent tattoos on their back and chest area, and sometimes even the face. Women generally get small and aesthetic tattoos on their wrists or ankles. Nowadays, many women choose to get bigger tattoos in areas with thinner skin, such as the neck and ribs, as they generally have a higher pain tolerance than men.

Many women celebrities have spearheaded the tattoo movement, including Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Deepika Padukone, and many others. This has given rise to women’s tattoos, significantly neck tattoos. Neck tattoos are some of the most painful ones as they are located in areas with thinner skin and many nerve endings, but the pain is nothing when you get the opportunity to see the final design.

Take a look at this specially curated list of neck tattoos for women:

Religious tattoos are a popular choice. The Christian cross symbolizes the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and his sacrifices and love for humankind. Such tattoos are famous in countries with a high Christian population, such as the United States and most European countries. The area behind the ear, where this tattoo is located, is a perfect hiding spot as it can be covered by the person’s hair or with a shawl draped over the head.

This illusion tattoo with perfect shading and the beautiful use of the color black makes one think that there really is something peeking out at the back of this person's neck! The first keyhole tattoo can also be turned into a couple tattoo, in which your significant other can have a key tattoo as if they are the one who knows your deepest secrets and fears. Doesn’t this design remind you of a horror movie?

Snowflake Tattoo

This tattoo trend, inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, features three snowflakes at the base of the neck. Snowflakes are known to be a sign of uniqueness, as no two snowflakes have the same structure; purity, as when they melt, they turn into clear water; fragility, due to their short life and delicateness; and the divine beauty in nature. So, if you’re still not sure about getting a tattoo, let go of all your apprehensions and get this beautiful watercolor tattoo!

Choker Tattoo

This fabulous tattoo for women is created so that the wearer does not have to wear a necklace. This is a good option for those who are allergic to the metals used in jewelry or those who cannot be bothered to wear new jewelry coordinated with all their clothes!

Star Tattoo

This star tattoo on the nape of the neck holds a lot of meaning in various cultures worldwide. An eight-pointed star is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu mythology and represents eight kinds of wealth: victory, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, prosperity, mobility, and riches. Stars are often regarded as protective symbols and points of divinity and are also the subject of, arguably, the most famous English nursery rhyme!

Floral Tattoo

This floral design starting from the neck and going down towards the shoulder, is an evergreen design. This tattoo can be disguised by wearing either turtleneck or collar shirts or even by their hair. The black shading in the design gives it an almost 3-D view. You can add colors to the design, but many prefer their design to be simple and have less color noise.

Such tattoos are a particular favorite of those who absolutely adore traveling! Women prefer to get ‘wanderlust’ tattoos, and this neck travel tattoo is a beautiful example of this category.

Zodiac Neck Tattoo

It is typically seen that women follow the Western notions of astrology in-depth, and hence many of them choose to get their zodiac signs tattooed on their bodies. It is also said that if a symbol is tattooed and made permanent, its positive and negative connotations become concrete and tangible, so choose your tattoo carefully.

Music Tattoo

Music is an integral part of a human’s life, even if they are divided by geography or cultures. This tattoo shows that the person loves music, along with all its different genres and styles. The subtle white ink in the tattoo gives it an almost 3-D look.


Many women love to get neck tattoos, as they highlight a part the person likes most on their body. The canvas of that area is challenging too, and hence it gives an edge when they wear their tattoo in public. If you want to get a similar tattoo or one that is customized as you wish, visit the Aliens Tattoo Studio, India website and fill up the consultation form for a free consultation session with our tattoo artists!

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