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3 Amazing Friendship Bonds Made Eternal With Tattoos

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

August brings us many reasons to smile and make memories. But one thing that flourishes with the invasion of August is a very special bond, that is friendship. Why? Because we celebrate the international friendship day in the first week of August. Friendship is a bond that is hard to put into words. It is a relationship that we develop fortuitously. In life we tend to have many relationships, we play many roles, but friendship is a bond in which we get to be ourselves without worries.

Each day you cherish the moments and make memories with your friends. Even though each day with your friend is a jollification, you need to mark it up a little sometimes. We have a little get-together, exchange some bitsy gifts like cards, chocolates, and friendship bands. But we think that your friendship is way more than that. Your eternal bond needs a salute. And what is better than getting inked with your best friend. It will make your bond with your buddies truly perpetual. And that is why we bring you our contribution, to our client’s adorable friendship that they got to celebrate with tattoos. At Aliens we value this bond a lot and hence here are a few tales of friendship we celebrated at Aliens Tattoos.

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend. - Bill Watterson

We at Aliens think that everyone should be able to experience the delight and joy of art. Bringing that into your friendships is absolutely remarkable. Listed below are three great friendships that we were able to create permanently throughout our time here.


These two pretty gal pals came to us last year to get inked. But it was pretty spesh. Shalmoli and Priyam had a riveting take on their friendship. Both of them got beautiful scripts at Aliens, but what was more bewitching was the meaning behind their tattoos. Where Shalmoli is known as the mischievous or zestful one, Priyam tends to fall on the calm and grounding side.

So the twist is that Shalmoli's Tattoo reads ‘she keeps me sane' and Priyam’s tattoo reads ‘she keeps me insane.’ Both of them being completely different, still manage to find a neutral ground. Hence the essence of the tattoo looks upon how both of them complement each other. And try to harmonize. Shalmoli brings out the crazy fun side in Priyam when needed and Priyam helps her ground her energy.

Look how wonderfully they got a very significant message of their friendship on their body. We are positive that Shalmoli and Priyam’s bond will create many such memories, but this tattoo will forever be a unique souvenir of their connection.


On October 1st we celebrate the international coffee day, and just like every amazing tattoo giveaway we conduct at Alien, Ayushi and Roshni had participated in an international coffee day tattoo giveaway. Roshni and Ayushi had known each other for over 12 years. And had been very close for the past 4 years. Ayushi and Roshni were legit twin flames. It was as if their souls were just mirrored so perfectly and that destiny had brought them together was astounding.

But one thing that both of them had different perspectives on was their love for two completely different beverages. Ayushi was a coffeeholic and Roshni on the other had a special place for Chai in her heart. This point of divergence was apparently the identity of their friendship. And since it was the quirk of their friendship they decided to bring that out in an everlasting way. And that is how the coffee and teacups matching tattoos came into existence. It is a very distinctive tattoo that serves as the symbol for Ayushi and Roshni’s attachment.


These both met at a language class they took. Drishti was a very athletic person. She owns a football club for girls in Juhu. Her entire life she wanted to be a football player and is utterly in love with sports and the outdoors. Drishti is a very adventurous soul. Whereas Rahul is a quintessential nerd. Outdoors was something he is least interested in.

This mismatch somewhere led to one of the most extraordinary friendships. Both completed each other in a way that they were able to excel in both different worlds that they had not experienced. Drishti has made Rahul more outgoing and spontaneous. And Rahul on the other hand had brought out the skillful side of Drishti and exposed her to the technical world. Who knew that this blend of two entirely opposite personalities could emerge into this wholesome connection. And to represent this eccentric bond they found the perfect way, they got a tattoo on Rahul’s birthday. And this was made more appealing by our artists at Aliens.

A very common tattoo but tailored to fit the deep meaning of Drishti and Rahul’s friendship. A very interesting take on the yin yang symbol, represented by the night sky and morning sky, one at the ocean and one in the mountains. This shows the duality of their friendship and yet at the same time shows how they fill each other's holes.


Here are some endearing matching tattoo ideas by Aliens for you and your best buds

As you can see, all of these amazing friendships that had been celebrated at Aliens. Because getting a tattoo from Aliens is an experience. Visit us to get your own customized tattoo with your pal to signify your bond forever. Make this friendship day more memorable with us. Join the Aliens hive.

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