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12 Crazy Matching Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Fam

Tattoos are not a new concept, for the oldest tattoos ever found were on Ötzi, a 5000-year-old human. Tattoos have a lot of symbolism according to various cultures, and many say that it helps in relieving stress and chronic diseases like arthritis and nerve disorders.

The art of tattooing started in the mid-20th century when the hippie culture began in Western countries. Young women and men got tattoos as a sign of rebellion against the strict sexist and archaic views of the patriarchal society and a protest against many governmental and cultural wrongdoings such as the Vietnam War in the USA and the baseless stereotypes and injustice towards LGBTQ+ people. As the Eastern countries were Americanised, tattoos' art as a sign of self-expression crossed the seas. Before that, Eastern tattoos were generally linked to a sense of belonging to tribes or castes or had religious and health significance.

Amateurs typically elect to get tattoos on their arms or legs, which are areas that can be covered easily with clothing. Tattoo lovers tend to start small and slowly graduate to more prominent tattoos on their back and chest area, and sometimes even the face.

Tattoos are a permanent declaration of love or adoration, either for the art of tattooing or someone or something they have dedicated it to. This is why matching tattoos is a huge trend in this industry, with couple tattoos being one of the leading reasons many people visit tattoo studios. Couple tattoos are also a top reason why people visit laser tattoo removal clinics!

Matching tattoos are a great way to show your love for your siblings, BFFs, or significant others to the world. You can choose to get each other’s initials, a typical design for both, or two complementing parts of the same design: the choice is yours. Take a look at these tattoo examples for your next tattoo!

Matching tattoos for couples:

Tattoos dedicated to romantic love hold a lot of power and meaning for both the people in the relationship. They show the extent to which the couple will go to flaunt their passion to the world. These tattoos generally feature their loved ones’ initials, a heart, or a crown, but you can choose to have designs based on a memory or a joke the two of you share. You can also go for images based on something that binds the two of you together or designs in which you have complementing ideas that fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle.

Getting a tattoo together is an excellent bonding activity and strengthens your love for each other. It shows the world what your better half means to you and makes a stylish and trendy statement out of it. Such tattoos don’t have to be bold or meaningful: it should just reflect what your relationship means to you. It can be small, as a secret between the two of you, or big, as a way to show pride in your significant other.

Matching tattoos for siblings:

The bond between siblings is for life, as they share the same blood, home, and hearth. Growing up with them certainly has its ups-and-downs, but at the same time, you get a best friend for life. It’s nice to know that you’ll always have someone who will stand up for you and has your back and save you from your parents’ wrath.

While your parents might not always approve of your tattoos, they will surely turn a blind eye if you’re doing it for your family. Many siblings choose to get tattoos that show their relative age compared to the other siblings, or a childhood memory or inside joke.

Matching BFF tattoos:

You and your best friends have been through thick and thin and have emerged victorious on the other side. Whether you met each other for the first time in kindergarten or you crossed paths as adults, your bond will be as tight as a pack of wolves. They are someone who knows your deepest, darkest secrets, and it will always be safe with them, pinky promise.

Commemorate your friendship with a permanent tattoo, which makes your platonic relationship concrete. Dedicate a design to your soul sister or brother from another mother, for even if you’re not related by blood, the bond is still as strong. Take a look at some of our other matching tattoos on the Tattoo Categories page on the Aliens Tattoos website!


Frequently Asked Questions

How to symbolize true friendship?

The most common tattoos to symbolize true friendship are interlocking hearts, crossed arrows, or the Ying and Yang symbols. A tattoo with a bestie takes a lot of thinking to express the unique bond that is shared between the two. The same applies to matching tattoos with family members and romantic partners.

Is it bad luck to get a matching tattoo?

While it is not bad luck to get matching tattoos, it is still a huge decision. The best way to express your bond with someone is by getting a tattoo and making it tangible and permanent. Check with your partner regarding the design, placement, and price if they disagree with you and have different thoughts. Use it as a bonding experience and a story that you will tell your kids one day!

What design can I get with my significant other/sibling/best friend?

This is entirely your choice: you can go through our website to find some fantastic tattoo ideas for you and your tattooing partner. You can also talk to our expert tattoo artists to customize a design as per your choice during our free consultations.

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Oct 06, 2023

While I was in the tattoo parlor, I saw a man with an incredible tattoo depicting scenes of war. It reminded me of the conflict in Ukraine and the role of the United States in supporting this country, which I read about in post The tattoo, full of details and emotions, gave me mixed feelings: bitterness from seeing the suffering, but also pride in the state that helps to others. She reminded me of the importance of solidarity and the peace we strive for.

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