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Unique Buddha Tattoo Designs that will encourage you to get one for yourself

Updated: 4 days ago

unique buddha tattoo designs

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

When you decide to dip your toes in body art, you expect a profound change inside out. Talking precisely about tattoos, they are merely not an additional décor on your skin, we know it is way more than that. Every individual has a story they want to cherish for a lifetime and nothing is better than getting a tattoo that reminds you of your story every day. Every time you get a tattoo, it amplifies your beauty and celebrates your story gracefully.

Apart from celebrating stories, sometimes, it is the tattoo that makes its own story. You must have been acquainted with people who get a tattoo to make a change in their lives. Tattoos have helped a lot of people as external support for mental well-being. It has also been considered as a pill to boost confidence, and for some, it is the eternal love for art that encourages them to get a tattoo.

The list to get a tattoo is countless (And, no, we are not guilty about that.) Tattoos are the new happy makers. Every time you get a new tattoo, you say it loudly; you believe in your tattoo and the purpose behind it. The sense of having a deep meaning in your tattoo is precious. Whilst having interesting genres and styles, they are also one great way of expressing yourself through art.

Picking just one has never been enough. One of the famous genres is Spiritual Tattoos. In this blog, we will be talking about the ever-expanding love for Buddha Tattoos Worldwide.

Buddha Tattoos are famous precisely for the meaning it holds. ‘Buddha’ itself means ‘enlightened’ one. His teachings have shaped and influenced a community to become the better versions of themselves. His followers systematically practise being the highest true to themselves, and just like their mentor, believes in uplifting their fellow beings. Buddha is also considered the greatest teacher who ever lived. He is supreme and preached the truth to all living beings with great compassion. It is very thoughtful to get a Buddha tattoo, which will enhance your beauty and add purpose to live life in peace and harmony.

There are hundreds of Buddha Tattoo designs to select from, we have tried and curated the top 5 unique Buddha Tattoo Designs for you.

buddha tattoo with lotus flower
The Lotus Flower represents ‘the womb of the universe from which all things are born.

You must have often seen Buddha depicted sitting on a lotus flower. The flower blooms despite growing in muddy and dirty water. It overshadows the dirt water and blooms into a perfect flower. The closed eyes of Buddha show him in a meditative trance and the tree is known as the Bodhi Tree. These types of tattoos are famous among people who want to practise calm and spirituality. It shows mental development and training that results in a luminous mind.

Buddha Bicep Tattoo Design

buddha bicep tattoo

The biceps is the prominent location to get a detailed tattoo. A tattoo of Buddha filled with details and intricacies will turn out as beautiful as it can be. This body placement is also pain tolerant. According to tattoo artists, the bicep is moderate to painful, which allows artists to create beautiful art without being bothered about the pain one can go through. Tattoos on the biceps are also considered a bold statement. If you want to go creative and bold with your tattoo, you can decide to get a tattoo on your biceps.

Buddha Tattoo Design with Shiva

buddha and shiva tattoo

Buddha And Shiva are both paragons of peace. They are also called Peace Gurus. If you are an ardent admirer of both the idols then you can add this tattoo to your wish list.

Buddha Forearm Tattoo Design

black and grey buddha portrait tattoo

Tattoos on the forearm tend to gravitate attention as the entire design fits in well. There are body placements, where the desired designs do not turn out as it is expected. But on the forearm, the small, as well as the large designs, do a great job. The forearm tattoos are appealing, and if you have a design you want to stay connected with and doesn't want it to look strange, then you should give a thought about a forearm tattoo.

Buddha Hand Tattoo Design with Colors

color buddha tattoo

If you wish to emphasize your tattoo, then adding colors can help you achieve that. Colors can make everything look radiant and artistic. If you have a lighter skin tone, adding bright colors will compliment your skin.

Things to keep in mind while getting a Buddha Tattoo

Buddha Tattoos can be offensive to people who keep Buddhism at the core of their value system. The teachings of Buddha are sacred and holy and they should be respected.

Yoni Zilber, a tattooist who specializes in Tibetan Art, says, Images of Buddha and Tibetan mantras are very sacred and should be respected. Often people forget the importance and sacredness of the Buddha Tattoo and choose a disrespectful tattoo placement to get inked. Tattoos and Mantras of Buddha have not been appreciated especially in the lower parts of the body.

It is a total disrespect to your idol. You lay down on a beach, sitting on a toilet seat and many such other activities unknowingly takes place. Buddha, the Supreme, is not supposed to end up in such places. Therefore while getting a Buddha tattoo, you should always keep in mind that a Buddha Tattoo is merely not a form of body decoration to your skin. It holds a strong meaning, to show respect towards your idol is your responsibility.

We know, your zeal to get a new Buddha Tattoo is really high, and we believe our suggestions will help you!

realism buddha tattoo

Nothing is more appealing than a tattoo that holds a beautiful story behind it. One of our clients from Indore booked an appointment to customize a Buddha Tattoo. He had some elements in his mind and wanted to create a tattoo compiling all of them to make it unique. He decided to get a tattoo on his forearm, as he also had a name to cover-up! Customizing concepts is our forte and we love to create custom tattoos.

You too can customize your own tattoo designs at your nearest Aliens Tattoo Studio. We have a team of award winning Tattoo Artists who will make your tattoo uniquely yours. Check out the website for more details. :)

If you are interested in tattooing and want to learn more about it, do check out the link mentioned below.

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Thank you for sharing some very unique tattoos. Each tattoo has a very special meaning. Choose a special tattoo just for yourself. eggy car

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