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10 Unique Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Updated: 4 days ago

tattoo ideas for women

Hey, are you surfing on the internet to get inspired with unique tattoo ideas to get inked? No worries, we have got your back! We understand how exhausting and repetitive so far your surfing was, but NOT anymore! We have compiled The Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas for you! Get inspired, Get Inked!

No More A Taboo - Tattoo For Girls

Tattoos mean different things for different people. For some, it is a reminder for something personal or motivational, while for many it is spiritual, and more importantly, a way of self-expression.

We have come a long way from those bore-old days where the fear of ‘log kya kahengey?’ (What will people say?) Even corporate workplaces have become increasingly tolerant to employees having tattoos.


At Aliens, we do not believe in gender stereotypes and gender roles. We truly believe that art is art and cannot be labeled as feminine or masculine. It is almost 2022, and we, by no means are suggesting that the designs shown in this post are meant for girls only. If you are a man and find any of these designs appealing, we encourage you to reach out to us through e-mail or our website and we shall take utmost pride in converting that design into a beautiful piece of art without any judgment. We understand and respect you and your preferences. Also, we are inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations. Do feel free to express openly without fear of judgment, what you exactly want in your design, and if you are confused, we’ll introduce you to our in-house graphic designing wizards who will help you in finalizing your design.

With ever reducing borders between gender roles and stereotypes, there aren’t major differences between tattoo designs for girls and for boys. But there are certain trends that are more popular amongst girls in 2021.

1. Finger / Hand Tattoo For Girls

When it comes to tattoos, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Small tattoo designs for girls on fingers and sides of hands look pretty fashionable. They are small, subtle, yet ooze sass and artsy vibes. Check out a few of them made by our Alien artists.

Minimal tattoos like this pack a punch, and when you add accessories like rings and nail paint, you can make your hand look like a piece of an art!

Since the placement in hands is more often used than other parts of our body, extra care for the tattoo is required in the initial days, but it’s TOTALLY worth the hassle once you glance at the subtle serenity of your mini tattoo :)

The side of the hand is an underrated tattoo for girls. You could either couple up with your partner or your best friend, or simply get one for yourself! Side wrist tattoos for girls look snazzy as hell, don’t they?

It could be any symbol or even a script that holds personal significance to you. Think of all the Instagram photos you can click while subtly showing your hand. Just a word of caution, we warn our clients about the potential complexities of getting inked on hands since hands come in contact with multiple textures and chemicals throughout the day.

2. Back Tattoo For Girls

Let’s talk BIG. Back tattoos can either be full back or just the lower neck and upper back area, or lower back tattoos. Make that swimsuit look even more appealing by getting a tattoo on your back. What do Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Scarlett Johannson have in common? A back tattoo that bolsters their persona like none other.

3. Elbow Ditch Tattoo Inspiration For Girls

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

These days we find one out of two people getting tattooed every day. Tattooing is fun, inspiring and therapy for tons. All of us wish to get a tattoo that's uniquely ours. Practically, there is no place you cannot get a tattoo of your choice. But even though we might have plenty of options to choose from, we still lookout for that one spot.

The starspot elevates your design and speaks for you loudly. Below your arm and the inner part of your elbow is called the elbow ditch. Elbow Ditch has been in the trend for a few years now. Five-six years back, it was never someone’s first choice to get a tattoo on the elbow ditch. But today, preferences have changed. Even though it is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo, currently it is considered to be people’s favorite.

Mandalas, Florals, Portrait, Patterns and also abstract tattoos are mostly suggested. Getting a tattoo on your elbow ditch will demand a lot of patience with a high pain tolerance level. It can get tougher to pass the pain. It is important to choose a renowned tattoo studio with pro-tattoo artists who are smooth with their work and hold a fair amount of experience. Elbow-Ditch tattoos are stylish, lively and brave. Do not forget to follow the after-care routine suggested by your tattoo artist.

4. They ask for attention: Foot Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

It is enough said that girls forget to pamper their feet. But when it is a case of getting a tattoo on foot, it is the opposite. Girls are inclined to ink their feet and elevate their beauty subtly. Getting a tattoo on foot can be a painful journey, but worthwhile.

Feet are often wrapped in socks or shoes and never really get the freedom to shine out loud. Getting a tattoo on your foot will be a great idea. Imagine going to a beach with decorated feet, won’t they look the best!? From abstract design to fine lines, anything can make them look prettier and brighter. And once you get a tattoo on your feet, that can’t be your last one!

PS: Be aware of the sun, do not fear him, but don't dare to take the Sun lightly. Avoid shoes and socks in the initial days and you are good to go!

5. Celebrating Curves: Waistline Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We celebrate curves! And a woman’s waistline is an appealing body part. It is super fun to decorate it with your favourite design. You could choose among a range of flowery designs, flowers, after all depict versatility- soft, supple, and beautiful for your loved ones and thorns, roots to fight the society that limits you as a woman. The waistline is an adaptable space to go long with interesting designs and abstract art. You can keep it delicate and soft or go bold with adding colors and intense shading. Any which way, the art on the waistline will amplify your beauty.

6. All Rounder: Neck Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

From minimalist to gigantic tattoos, you can choose anything you want, when you decide to get your neck inked. There is a wide range of tattoo designs that can make one’s neck look beautiful. You could also choose a design that extends down your spine to make it more stylish and unique. This combination of flowery design with shades with simple geometrical configurations gives the tattoo an aesthetic appeal.

Our internationally recognized award-winning tattoo artists are capable of going much beyond these designs, so feel free to express your ideas to them when you visit the Aliens Tattoo Studio.

As per a candid survey, boys love it when girls tie their hair up, you’ve probably heard it in a movie. But if you reveal a tattoo as you tie your hair, well, that will completely surprise them, won't it?

The serenity of the moon filled with bloomed open flowers, you can pick such chic designs and look like the friendly girl next door.

7. Outer Thigh Unique Tattoo Ideas for Girls

When there is a large canvas for your design to fit, there are tons of options to accentuate that part of your body. Outer Thigh tattoos hold the potential to flatter feminine curves.

For anyone who is fond of art, choosing this part of the body to express it via art is the best idea. When more space is provided it comes with plus one confusion about what design to choose. It is always better to understand what type of art inspires you. When you are aware of your liking towards a certain art form, it becomes easier to select a design.

Getting a tattoo on your thigh is subtly seductive, and therefore your fav design should go up there. No matter how big your design is, on the pain scale the outer thigh is least painful. This is a brownie point to sit back and enjoy getting inked.

8. Knuckle Tattoo ideas to ooze the sass in You

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

If you want to get creative with your tattoo design, a Knuckle tattoo is a part of that list. They can be quirky and utterly cool. You have limited space to select a design that can be unique. With that said, you have to turn your creative mode on to get the best design on them. Letters, symbols, Roman numbers, and eclipses are often seen on knuckles.

You can also try to get portraits, crazy designs, minimal etc. There are an endless number of patterns to select from to decorate your knuckles in a cooler way. You might get stuck with so many options and possibilities. It is always better to consult a tattoo artist.

Talk through the entire process unless you are not completely satisfied with the idea of getting inked on knuckles. Whatever design you choose for your knuckles, be sure of it, because your knuckles are easily visible and selecting a design you are not sure of, can leave you with regrets.

9. Knee Tattoo Ideas to flaunt and flex it

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

Knee Tattoos are rarely seen. But getting a tattoo on the knee can turn out to be an abstract idea in a good way. The entire space of the knee holds the potential for intricate and detailed pieces. A colourful tattoo on the knee will give a bold look to the entire art. It is a desirable location to add colours, go funky, try visual tattooing and endless such options to choose from. Small and large designs both go well in a unique way. It can get painful while getting inked on knees. Make sure you follow the after care routine later getting tattooed.

10. Standing strong yet graceful: Collar Bone tattoo idea for Girls

Collar Bone is the predominant location in the body. It is one of the most famous body locations to get a tattoo. It is also one of the painful areas to get inked, but even after that your desired tattoo will stand strong gracefully. There are endless ideas to decorate your collar bones that will enhance your beauty. Adding a few subtle colors and keeping it fine, will add sparkles to your basic tattoo.

We believe we helped you to find your type! If you have chosen one for yourself, why wait?

Visit your nearest Aliens Tattoo Studio in India to get inked. We are available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. If you can’t travel to one of our studios, we do have talented artists to design your dream tattoo for you. Visit our website for more details.

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