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"The Brain and the Heart cannot work along" - once again at Aliens after 11 years!

Updated: 5 days ago

"The Brain and the Heart cannot work along, they have different ways." says Karam Rajpal. Karam is a writer, actort & a photographer. He got his first tattoo from Aliens dedicated to his mom in 2011. And after 11 years now, Karam wanted to get something peronalised, something very close to him. He came for a brainstorming session at Aliens and finalised that he would wanna get a tattoo about a poetry that he was writing. The poetry was about how the brain and the heart cannot walk on the same path and have different ways. And after his consultation and designing session, he was super delighted to see the design outcome.

"My tattoo encompasses a literal illustration of a brain and a heart in the form of a tree connected by its roots. It is a brilliant concept designed by Sakshi Panwar, one of the amazing tattoo artist at Aliens Tattoo. I fell in love with the design the moment I saw it and was never more sure about anything like this. She just added a whole new charm to my poetry through this tattoo. To be very honest, I don't have words to express how much happy I am about this tattoo. It's way beyond my feelings, I am really in love with my tattoo!"

Karam shares his tattoo experience in detail in the above video, watch it for an inspiring tattoo story :)

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