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Manohar Koli

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Manohar Koli is one of our most ambitious Tattoo Makers, he started his tattooing journey in 2010. Before this, Manohar was into Diesel Mechanics but midway through the course, he realised that he was not satisfied. He was always inclined towards art and after much consideration, he decided to learn Tattoo Making

More About Manohar Koli

He Learned tattoo making from San’s Tattoo, Bandra before moving to their Goa franchise. He then joined Moksha Tattoo Studio to further sharpen his skills. However, something was still off, and after four years in Goa, Manohar moved back to Mumbai to join Aliens Tattoo Studio. He picked up valuable experience and after three years, he felt it was the right time to open his own Tattoo Studio. After running the studio for four years, Manohar realised that he still had a lot to learn about the industry and so we welcomed him back with open arms. After all, there’s no better place than Aliens when it comes to learning the tricks and trades of this industry. Manohar has become an expert Tattoo Maker when it comes to Realism and Portrait Tattoos. He has also won awards in different tattoo categories (Best Small Black and Grey, Big Black and Grey, and Best of the Day) at various conventions in India.

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