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Hi! My name is

Grishita Suthar

I whisper creativity while sketching minimalistic stories in ink!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Grishita Suthar, and my journey as an artist began with a degree in BMM, where I delved deep into the world of creativity. Inspired by mentors who shared their expertise, I found myself drawn to tattooing during my education.
Through an internship, I focused on perfecting hygienic tattooing processes and quickly gained recognition for my dedication and talent. I specialize in neo-traditional, realistic, and line art tattoos, always looking to enhance my skills in each style.
I'm committed to improvement through regular practice, studying other artists' works, attending workshops, and seeking feedback. Through hard work, I've earned respect as a reputable tattoo artist known for creating exquisite tattoos that reflect my clients' personalities and styles.


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