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Hi! My name is

Shivani Adhikari

My expertise in blackwork helps me ink tattoos that blend elements into meaningful works of art.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I started my journey in tattoo art back in 2021 with nothing but a passion for doodling and binge-watching DIY videos. At the age of 24, backed with a Spanish Major, I traded my desk job at Amazon for a life filled with ink and creativity. Lockdown was like a breath of fresh air, giving me the space to figure out my next move, and now I have nearly 2.5 years of tattooing experience!
I also bagged a couple of awards at the Kula Worldwide Convention 2024 for Best Tribal and Emerging Tattoo Artist. When I talk about talent, I am all about minimal line art, geometric designs, and blackwork that tells a story. Tribal patterns light up my imagination, and I also dream big of getting into blackwork in depth someday. Inspired by artists like Dipti and Suhasini Gaur, and fueled by Siddhesh's journey, I am all about keeping it real and embracing my vulnerability through my art.


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